Keystone XL and fake news

Apparently on AOL News they’re flipping out over “Trump is breaking a promise about Keystone XL” because “someone from the White House” has claimed that Keystone “does not count” under a presidential order requiring all new and retrofitted and expanded pipelines to be built with American steel.  Because apparently Keystone is “already under construction,” you see.

This is a bald-faced lie.  Even if this statement was made, which if it’s an unnamed speaker I assume it was either not made at all or was untrue and designed to make the president look bad, there is still not a word to suggest that any sidestepping or loopholing of this order has taken place or even been contemplated.  Yet once again the fake news is falling over themselves to claim a broken promise.

And to be honest, I don’t much care where the steel comes from.  Keystone XL and Dakota Access are far more important than the initial construction jobs that the left has spent years downplaying as trivial while they sandbagged the whole project.  The maintenance jobs and the economic benefit of the pipeline are far more long term and important.  But the point remains that the press is lying, eagerly, once again.


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