Jeff Sessions and the Russians

Let me make something real clear here folks:

When Jeff Sessions was asked if he had any contact with the Russian ambassador in 2016, the actual question was if he had any contact with the Russian ambassador pertaining to the presidential election.  Which didn’t happen, because first off it didn’t happen, and secondly, nobody contacted the Russian ambassador about the presidential election unless someone on Hillary’s team was passing notes about being “more flexible” than Trump would be or something.

And if the question was asked again without that context, it’s beyond obvious to anyone with a half a brain that that is what the question meant.  Senator Sessions spent years on the Armed Services committee, of course he had contact with foreign ambassadors and of course he and everyone else knew damned well that these contacts were recorded and a matter of public record.  Seriously, sometimes I get the impression that Democrats think we’re as stupid as they are, like Claire McCaskill claiming she never met with a Russian ambassador when she has tweeted about doing so on several occasions.

There’s some nonsense going around about noted liar and illegitimate senator Al Franken asking the question again without the specific “about the election” context.  I don’t know if this is true and frankly I don’t care because it doesn’t matter.  The point of the question is not to establish if Jeff Sessions ever talked to the Russian ambassador or the Ukrainian ambassador or the Swedish ambassador or the Elbonian ambassador or the Vulcan ambassador, the point is to prop up this ridiculous claim that Donald Trump hired Vladimir Putin to “hack the election” and claim that Jeff Sessions was one of his go-betweens who set the deal up.  Utter and complete nonsense.  Nobody cares if Sessions had any course-of-Senate-business contacts with any ambassador.  Sessions knew it.  The Democrats knew it.  The dinosaur media damned well knows it.  And the “Republicans” who are jumping aboard this ridiculous bandwagon and calling for Sessions to “recuse himself” from anything pertaining to Russian investigations now know it too.  At least they’re not calling for his resignation like the Democrats are.  Yet.

UPDATE: It is true that Franken asked again, but the context of Franken’s question was most definitely pointing towards the election.  And it still doesn’t matter.  As I stated above, everyone knew Franken was not asking “did you do your job as a Senator on the Armed Services Committee?”  He was asking “will Donald Trump admit he hired Vladimir Putin to hack the election and steal it from Hillary and you were his bag man?”  The answer to the question being asked, of course, is “No.”  Because it didn’t happen, children.

Don’t take it from me, take it from an actual Senator:


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