The proto-State of the Union

I did not watch President Trump’s address to Congress last night but from all reports it went over very well, even from listeners who are not generally inclined to give the President a fair shake.  I may have more to say about it as I have a chance to review and hear bits and pieces of it, but I think I got the salient points.

The President said we are going to put American citizens first, which prompted cries of “racism” and “xenophobia” from people who don’t understand English.  He talked about repealing Barrycare, which prompted thumbs-downs from the overgrown fourth graders in attendance.  He saluted the widow of fallen Navy SEAL Ryan Owens, prompting cries that he was “exploiting” her and all manner of nonsensical criticisms from the people who thought Billy Jeff’s actual draft dodging was no problem, Hillary’s lies about leaving men to die were a right-wing conspiracy, and Barry’s incompetence getting SEAL Team Six almost wiped out was not even newsworthy.  He paid tribute to the late Justice Antonin Scalia, God rest his mighty soul, and in a remarkable display even the eight surviving justices applauded for Scalia’s widow (as a matter of decorum justices neither stand nor applaud nor even respond during these events).  Outside, Rosie O’Donnell and assorted loons accused the President of “treason” (not sure how) and made general fools of themselves in the rain and through power failures, while the Congressional Democrats made general fools of themselves inside, some even refusing to acknowledge Carryn Owens.

Then the best the Democrats could do for a reply was an ousted governor, Steve Beshear, formerly of Kentucky, who gave a disjointed address from a diner somewhere ironically loaded with white people.  A loser.  Just like his loser party.  Please note, I don’t care that the diner was full of white folks any more than I’d care if it was full of black folks or Hispanic folks or whoever (I was going to add Klingons but I think I’d care about that), but this is the kind of thing that Democrats jump on whenever it’s a Republican in the middle of the room.  Even when there are visibly Hispanic guys present if you don’t just glance over the image.  Moving on.

From all reports it went over well.  That’s good.  Window dressing is important, especially as it shows the kind of childish reprobates the other side are being.  But frankly I didn’t watch because it doesn’t matter to me what the President says.  I care what he does.  And so far I’m more than pleased.  Keep at it, Mr. President, we’re all behind you.


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