What if you threw “A Day Without Immigrants” and nobody cared?

Whenever I hear about one of these asinine protests under the aegis of “A Day Without [grievance group here]” wherein members of said grievance group are supposed to walk off their job to make society realize how badly they’re needed, two responses come to mind.  The first is “the last time you did it nobody noticed.”  The second is “go ahead and walk out, you’ll all end up fired.”

Well, someone went and did just that.  I’ll link Steven Crowder’s interview with the guy but the summary is a contractor told his employees that if they walked out on “Day Without Immigrants” day they’d be terminated.  They walked.  And he did.  And according to the boss, he’s got no shortage of folks lined up to take their places.

What really does bother me about protests like this is that they’re using the term “immigrant” when what they mean is “illegal alien.”  Nobody but nobody but a handful of ever-more-marginalized actual idiot racists have the slightest problem with legal, honest-to-goodness came-in-the-front-door-like-you’re-supposed-to immigrants.  Those kind of racists are all but dead.  Yet these protests and the people behind them keep using the term “immigrant,” which means “someone who comes to the country legally with intent to integrate into said country,” to include illegal aliens who are NOT trying to integrate or assimilate and who did NOT come into the country legally.

Nobody.  Opposes.  Immigrants.  Got that?  Nevermind, either I didn’t need to spell it out for you or you’re deliberately not getting it.

Anyway, here’s Crowder’s interview with a real hero for our times:


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