Be concerned, be watchful, stay safe

I’m currently mulling over a post that despite my limited current readership might end up being controversial to the point of being problematic.  It might never see the light of day.  I’ll let you know if I decide to kill it but trust me, if I post it, you’ll know.

Anyway, for today, I’ve been thinking a bit about the subject of Monday’s post, that the dinosaur media is facing extinction and either doesn’t get it or refuses to get it, and it occurred to me that this places us in a very precarious spot.  Because you see, the media does not act alone or exist in a vacuum.  They are merely the embedded propaganda arm of the radical left which has almost entirely taken over the Democratic party, and as the activists, reporters, and remaining Democrat politicians all sing the same song of impending doom and destruction and nuclear war and ending of free speech and jack-booted fascist death squads and ISIS retaliation for Trump saying mean things, the thought dawns on me that they are making all of these dire predictions and are going to need to have at least some of them come true.  And the bigger, the better.

Rush Limbaugh suggested in kind of an offhand way yesterday that the establishment on both sides who want to see Trump fail are determined to do whatever it takes to ensure that he does.  He didn’t say it outright but the implication was consequences be damned so long as they could make it harder or even impossible for President Trump to succeed.  And he’s right.  These people don’t believe in the principles they claim to support, on either side when it comes right down to it.  Aligning the bipartisan establishment class with the lunatic left rioters and thugs is a formidable alliance, especially when you consider that the former will do anything to hold on to their power while the latter are far too stupid to figure out they’re being used and are all too eager to engage in violence.

The false flags started before the election even ended, with black churches being burned by black Hillary supporters attempting to put the blame on Trump backers, and other incidents of “hate crimes” against minorities either being committed by leftists in an attempted frameup or just completely made up.  They’ve moved on to blaming things like the Berkeley riots on “right wing infiltrators” although that line doesn’t seem to be catching.  Think of all that we have seen so far and we’re just a little over a month into President Trump’s term.  These people are unhinged and they’re just getting started.

I expect things to get much, much worse.  Either on its own or as a part of this symbiotic abomination with the rioters and establishment, the dinosaur media is wounded and dying, and like any other wild creature that means it’s probably never been more dangerous.  As President Trump fixes the messes we have been mired in for the past eight years and people start to feel the positive effects of tax reform, of immigration enforcement, of Barrycare repeal and other policies grounded in reality and good sense rather than leftist fairy tales, the left is going to get increasingly more desperate for something, anything, to distract people and point to as a “failure” or a “lie” that the President is telling.  This will be compounded by the fact that their hysterics over the nonissues that the President has had so far have caused most everyone who wasn’t predisposed to hate Trump with all their being to tune the media out.  That all adds up to something massive being required, an economic crash or a devastating terror or even military attack, in order to try to take Trump down and ensure that another Trump never, ever happens.  And if you think these people will have a moment’s concern about the lives and fortunes of their fanatical useful idiot followers, much less the millions of flyover country rubes who are in their way, you’d better think again.

Be vigilant.  Be observant.  Expect great things out of President Trump but expect abject horror out of the left.  We’re standing on a knife’s edge, with a new golden age on one side and untold ruin on the other, and these people are pulling us to the ruin side because they’d rather rule in hell than work for a living in heaven.  Take nothing for granted.  Be safe folks.


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