Well, that about wraps it up for the media

The press is still having flocks of canaries over President Trump’s awesome press conference last week.  They seem to have lost both their volume control and any sense of boundaries and are just letting fly with bizarre accusations on top of unsubstantiated rumors on top of bald-faced lies.  It seems they’ll put anything on a headline and then worry about retracting or “clarifying” it somewhere they can rely on people to not actually look for it.  In the midst of all this the same polls that claimed Hillary was up by eleven and Barry left office with positive approval numbers keep blasting across the front page of sources like AOL News that President Trump’s approval is “historically low.”

Then there are other polls that have him higher than the approval that Barry supposedly left office with.  And then of course there was Trump’s rally in Florida this past weekend, looking like a home stretch campaign stop, full to overflowing with happy, celebratory people eager to come out and show their support for the President they elected.

These lies are not damaging Trump’s support among Trump supporters.  Look at all of social media, listen to everyone out there, every last voice desperately searching for someone to say they voted for Trump and regret it.  Not one.  Nowhere.  That’s the group that Trump needs to keep behind him, one month out from his inauguration and three and a half years from now when we go to re-elect him, and they’re happier now to stand with the President than they were when they voted for him the first time.  A lot of Trump’s voters, especially ideological conservatives, voted for him as the lesser of two evils, fully expecting we’d get a northeastern liberal who would go back on half his campaign promises before he finished his inaugural address and figured (rightly so) that anything was better than Her Pathetically Un-Inevitableness.  A lot of those voters have grown into hardcore Trump fans.  We’re converting NeverTrumpers and people in the middle of the road are liking what The Don is doing more and more by the day.  Like I said all through the last stretch of the campaign, Donald Trump is a businessman and he knows who his customer base is.  He’s not a traditional politician with donors and an establishment to keep happy.  He knows who he answers to and who puts bread on his table.  And he’s doing a fantastic job delivering exactly what they want.

And the press is not only powerless to stop him, but the harder they try, the more they’re alienating people.  As I have said before, the legacy dinosaur drive-by media just does not get that they are done.  People have figured out that they were being lied to and they had the ability to seek alternative sources of information for the first time in modern history, and they’re fed up with being talked to like they’re retarded children and treated like they’re stupid and basically bad people.  Look at the responses to all the “celebrity” videos put out in a desperate effort to stop Trump, or to sway the electoral college, or to convince the Republicans not to work with Trump.  People finally have the ability not just to say “you’re an actor, you’re not important, shut up” but to see that other people are saying it too.  The press is the same way.  That website or blog or YouTube channel you get your news from is not some obscure corner of the internet in some kind of bubble, that’s the new mainstream.  THAT is where you find the truth.  Sneer about a “conservative echo chamber” all you like, the fact is that conservatives disagree on a LOT of things but facts and reality all trend conservative.  We ARE the side that deals in harsh truths, not safe spaces and political correctness.

The more the old press howls about how unfair and undemocratic and anti-free press Donald Trump is for calling them out on their lies, the more people tune them out like the whiners they are.  The more we push back, the stronger we become–we will never get the press to give up or even admit their hard-left bias but that’s not the point, the point is to show other likeminded folks they’re not alone, and to give people with the spark of sense deep inside reason to not snuff that spark out.  The media will never change, like the dinosaurs they are what they are, they will be themselves regardless of the fact that the world is moving on and they will die out rather than change their ways.

The game is over for the dinosaur media, and their wailings and thrashings just make that more evident with each passing tantrum.  Thank you, President Trump.


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