Trump’s press conference

The Don has been getting grief from the media (as usual) and the cause du jour has been the fact that the President has been calling on conservative and alternative media rather than CNN and NBC and the rest of the legacy media.  Well, today the President unloaded on them and basically explained why, followed by some questions.  President Trump repeated his oft-said position that the media is terrible and do not tell the truth, which is 100% accurate, and ran through a long list of things he has accomplished in less than a month in office despite the media claiming that his administration is in “chaos.”

So of course the left is melting down over social media.  They tried to show him up with a claim about his electoral college victory, which wasn’t a point.  They are freaking out over Trump asking a female black reporter if she could set up a meeting with the Congressional Black Caucus like he was implying “well you’re black, you know them right?”  NO, that is NOT how that went down.  Trump was talking about inner city revitalization and the reporter in question asked him if he was going to involve the CBC, and he said he wanted to but they wouldn’t talk to him, and THAT is when he asked if this reporter, who asked the question, would be able to set up that meeting.  It was a legitimate comment, not a clueless racist remark.  He was literally saying “I’d love to involve them, got any ideas how to do that?”

But one of the biggest freakouts is centered around a comment made by Jim Acosta suggesting that the President is calling media he doesn’t like “fake news.”  NO, you retard, that is NOT what he said!  He said outright he doesn’t mind negative coverage as long as the media is telling the god damn truth about him.  He isn’t calling news he doesn’t like “fake news,” he is calling the media liars BECAUSE THEY ARE LIARS.  Liking or disliking them doesn’t enter into it!

Seriously, this presser was a sheer joy to listen to, and having heard it makes the lefty meltdowns all the more joyous to watch.  Someone is FINALLY standing up to the pathological liars in the press and telling them to sit down, shut up, and this is why I’m not giving you any questions.  NO, this is not harmful to the First Amendment–and no, the President is not undermining faith in the press.  They did that to themselves and the reason this resonates is because millions of people are frankly sick of being lied to and talked to like they’re stupid.

Well done, Mr. President.  Well done indeed.  I’m prouder every day to have voted for Donald Trump.


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