General Flynn, general Democratic disarray, and general recap

Since the left seems to think they’ve hit upon something worth fussing about with this phone call between General Flynn and the Russian ambassador I thought this would be a good point to clarify a few things and take some inventory.

First off, anyone who is the least bit surprised about all this, about Sally Kohn ruminating hilariously over somehow holding a “special election” that will result in Hillary Clinton winning or Michael Moore believing he has the power to demand the President’s resignation by morning, anyone who did not see this coming, better buckle up.  We’re going to be seeing this constantly, continually, without let-up or sign of slowdown, for each of the next four (probably eight) years.  Because first of all, despite the arrogant boasts of the left and their certainty that they will be able to unseat the President, despite their demands for his impeachment for hundreds of offenses that only exist in their sick minds, the President is not going to be impeached.  He’s not.  Deal with that, lefties.  And second, the left is not going to deal with that, at all.  They’re going to be hammering him from all sides in an attempt to de-legitimize him and rile up their base, and when he wins a second term in 2020 they’re going to be even angrier.  I was largely out of political circles in 2004 when George W. won re-election and I remember how droolingly furious they were about HIM, and their hate for Donald Trump is easily ten times their hate of Bush the Younger.  They will be making up stories, ginning up fake scandals, claiming “sources” “leaked” damning information that goes nowhere, fantasizing about coups or impeachments and even assassinations, and in general entertaining their fever swamp dreams as long as The Don remains in office.  Don’t expect them to get tired, because evil never does.

So while we’re talking about this it’s worthwhile to remember exactly what it is that the Democrats are so angry about.  This has prompted them to dredge up their asinine “Russia hacked and stole the election” line, which is nothing like it sounds in addition to not being true.  Let’s take a moment to remember that there is still not even an allegation that Russia succeeded in or even tried to interfere with the way votes were cast or the way they were counted.  They did not send agents to swing states to stuff ballot boxes (like the Democrats do and did) and did not hack vote totals (like the Democrats do and did).  When the lefties cry about “Russian hacking” they mean “Russia hacked into emails from the DNC and the Clinton campaign and gave that information to Julian Assange to make Hillary look bad.”  They do not assert that these emails are faked.  They do not assert that the allegations in them are untrue.  In other words, they are claiming that Russian hackers interfered in the election by telling the truth about Hillary and the Democrats, truth that Her You-Really-Thought-THAT-Was-Inevitableness and her feckless goons desperately did not want you to hear, truth that us conservatives have known about for years if not decades but had difficulty telling others about around the lying mainstream media.  This is why they came up with the term “fake news” until we took it away from them.  They had to try to smear the sources and instead gave us a great tagline to turn against the real liars.

Also, WikiLeaks has steadfastly denied that their sources were Russian hackers.  I don’t trust Julian Assange further than I can throw him but given the suspicious death of a DNC operative who was reported to be on his way to meet with WikiLeaks staff not long after some of the most damning revelations came out, I personally call that pretty credible.

So the “Russia hacked the election” line is basically “Russia told the American people what the Democrats didn’t want them to hear and that turned them against Hillary.”  I’m not conceding any point of that–most of what WikiLeaks revealed was kind of bland and never the silver bullet that folks like Alex Jones were hoping for.  If anything their reports might have helped drive a wedge between Hillary and a few disaffected Bernie bots.  This mindset also falls into the “it’s someone’s fault” idea which I have dismantled in detail previously–“blaming” someone for Hillary’s loss is just the left trying to claim more influence and more credit than they deserve.  It’s nobody’s fault because nothing went wrong, the bad evil stupid lady lost and the good guy won.  As usual, the left is stacking fairy tale on top of fairy tale to support their delusional world view.

Which brings us to the General Flynn phone call.  As he was on the outs, Barry was trying to make as big a mess for President Trump as he could, deliberately flirting with World War III in a petulant attempt at political revenge as he expelled multiple Russian diplomats from the country.  The Flynn phone call happened that night.  Bear in mind, this is AFTER the election.  AFTER.  As in, the votes were in, the electoral college was loaded, the decision had been made, it was OVER.  This point cannot be made clear enough.  Even if General Flynn had called up Vlad Putin himself and said “hey buddy, just be cool, we’re gonna undo whatever sanctions are on Russia soon as Donald takes office, you guys can talk about it more over golf at Mar A Lago next time you’re stateside,” even IF that was the case, and even IF the sanctions had magically disappeared on the evening of January 20th (which they did not), there is nothing wrong with that.  There is nothing wrong or unethical or unusual about incoming high-ranking security officers contacting foreign diplomats during the transition period or even expressing what they know or expect the incoming administration’s position to be.  NOTHING.  The election was OVER.  There was NOTHING to gain from Russia at this point (other than, I don’t know, preventing a World War because Barry was throwing a tantrum).

Nevermind that Barry told Medvedev to be cool during an election in exchange for “more flexibility” to unilaterally disarm America following his safe re-election (see how I did that?  Argument, THEN use the “and Barry did THIS” punchline).

So to sum up: they’re screaming themselves hoarse trying to make people think something horrendous happened when nothing whatsoever actually did, other than someone told the truth about the Democrats at long last.  And they’re going to keep screaming and keep making stuff up, because that’s all they know how to do.  But that’s okay.  The longer it takes them to figure out that kind of prattle doesn’t work anymore, the better.



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