Fake news. A-gain.

Think we need to make something clear here folks.  Probably won’t be the last time either.

“Fake news” was a term generated by the leftist media to describe stories they did not want told, that conservative and alternative media were telling about Hillary Clinton.  These stories were NOT fake.  They WERE damaging to the Democratic agenda, Democrat candidates, and the narrative Barry and his minions promoted.

Conservative and alternative media had themselves a good laugh about the legacy drive-by media having the gall to call them “fake news” after the mainstream dinosaur media had spent decades lying to people, and then they along with candidate (and of course later President) Trump proceeded to turn the label back on them, where it stuck.  The old media tried to abandon the term but it was too late.  So now the narrative has become that “fake news” is “news that President Trump doesn’t like.”

Wrong again, CNN.  The leftist Democrat media is used to Republicans who don’t fight back and don’t try to refute their claims out of some strange sense of decorum or even a misguided belief or hope that the press might actually be on their side in some way or at some point.  President Trump, God bless him, is not this kind of traditional Republican who will simply roll over and pretend these people aren’t filthy liars.  President Trump doesn’t call news and news outlets he doesn’t like “fake news,” he called on Katie Pavlich (a known and outspoken NeverTrumper) for God’s sake.

Fake news means just what it sounds like, news that is made up of lies and distortions and convenient omissions that slant or outright change the meaning and effect of what is being reported on.  When the President dismisses a news organization as “fake news,” that doesn’t mean “I don’t like you,” that means “you’re a liar, you’re a filthy liar and I’m not going to give you a gotcha question that you can lie about.”  If they’re going to lie then they’re going to be called out on it and it is a beautiful thing.

Really, this is all part of the dinosaur media not realizing that it is dead.  Polls are forever junk after the last election and the last vestiges of the media’s perception of honesty have been stripped away.  Seriously, even in the press’ rigged and dishonest polls their trust rating is lower than Congress and used car salesmen.  They lost their monopoly and people are turning to other sources for news as they get fed up with being lied to and preached at.  They can fuss about how unfair it is to be called fake news all they want, but the truth is, they have been fake news for generations now, and they’re freaking out because not only is the President calling them on it, but they can’t do a thing to stop him.

Fake news means they’re lying.  That’s it.  Nothing more complicated than that.


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