Coming soon: Scott Pruitt

I read today that EPA employees are writing to their senators begging them not to vote to confirm Trump’s nominee for EPA director, Oklahoma attorney general Scott Pruitt.  Nothing could be a more ringing endorsement of the man than the abject terror he has struck in the hearts of the EPA bureaucrats and pretend “scientists.”  I’m still a little giddy over the thought of these reprobates and grifters coming to work in tears.

I have been excited about a lot of Trump’s cabinet, little sorry to see Puzder go but I have to admit that was more for the sheer coolness factor than any ideological interest.  Burgers and bikinis, seriously, what wasn’t to love?  But I have to say Scott Pruitt is the one I’m really pulling for and I hope if there’s interference that Pruitt will at least go down fighting.  The EPA has been out of control for decades now.  Violating the Constitution is just their standard operating procedure–I still remember how horrified I was as a young teenager realizing that the EPA uses ex post facto laws (expressly forbidden by the Constitution) to punish landowners for doing things that were not prohibited at the time they did them, nor was there any reason to expect they would be.  Yet nobody does anything about it, because the Democrats love it and the Republicans are afraid of the bad press.  Someone needs to go in there and tear the place apart and Scott Pruitt is just the man to do it.

Envirofascism must end.  Keeping my fingers crossed for Pruitt.


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