Move along

So one of the latest media conniptions is taking place about President Trump not calling on reporters from the drive-by mainstream media for questions at press conferences, choosing instead to call on alternative and conservative media outlets and reporters like Katie Pavlich.  The left is having a cow over this primarily because it’s defusing their ability to ask “gotcha” questions at pressers and in part because they don’t comprehend that not only is the conservative media NOT 100% friendly towards Donald Trump, but the mainstream media WAS 100% friendly towards Barry and Hillary.  We got through eight years with the legacy media asking hard-hitting questions like “what about the presidency enchants you?” (the “Oh Blessed Lightbringer” just strongly implied) and rolling an orange at Hillary with a question right out of fourth grade about whether she’d rather have dinner with Trump or Putin.

It seems that most responses to the media’s whining have focused on the latter.  While I do not believe in most scenarios that using the other side’s tactics “makes us no better than them” or some likeminded drivel, I am starting to think that our “but Barry!” is starting to ring a little like their “but Bush!”  And the thing is it doesn’t have to, and more than that, we don’t want it to.  As far as I am concerned Barry is a bad nightmare I’d just as soon forget, not allow to live rent-free in my mind for all time to come, especially when there are better arguments to be made, and when it comes right down to it “Barry did it” really is not a defensible position.  Sure, it points out the left’s hypocrisy, but hypocrisy is the left’s middle name.  And usually its first name too.  Pointing out that a Democrat is being hypocritical is like pointing out that the daytime sky is blue–it’s only noteworthy when you’re wrong.

I thought I would give a couple of examples of what I’m getting at:

LEFTIST CRITICISM: “President Trump won’t call on mainstream media!  He only calls on reporters who like him!”

WEAK: “Well, for the last eight years Barry never called on conservative media.  The drive-bys were ALL friendly to him!”

BETTER: “Idiot, that’s because CNN is fake news.  They lie all the time.  Why would he give them a question when he knows they’re not telling the truth?  There are more than enough honest Trump skeptics in the alternative media.  Also, for the last eight years Barry never called on conservative media.  You know damned well the drive-bys were ALL friendly to him!”

See how that works?  It’s a really simple argument and the closer is “and you have no basis to complain because Barry.”

Another example:

LEFTIST CRITICISM: “Trump is acting like a tyrant with his executive orders and shredding the Constitution!”

WEAK: “You didn’t care about the Constitution when Barry was walking on it.”

BETTER: “You’re a moron and you don’t know what you’re talking about.  Trump’s EOs are all exercising powers of the executive granted by the legislature or the Constitution, which you would know if you ever read past that ‘We the People’ part.  His job is to execute the laws Congress has enacted and see to the security of the country and that’s what he’s doing.  And by the way, that doesn’t include rewriting legislation on the fly or signing treaties without the Senate’s consent or acting in defiance of Congress and daring the opposition to stop you.  You didn’t care about the Constitution when Barry was walking on it.”

See, the point here is twofold.  First, you don’t want to grant them the premise that Trump is acting as unConstitutionally and illegitimately as Barry did.  He’s not.  Nothing Trump has done or proposed to do (except for some offhand comments about jail for flag burning which I think were meant to rile up the loonies) is in any way unConstitutional no matter how much Chuck Schumer or Nancy Pelosi or Maxine Waters or Elijah Cummings or any other Democratic nimrod cry about it.  Don’t cede that territory, EVER.

And second, we really want to get away from using Barry as a yardstick for presidential behavior and misconduct anyway.  Not because he hasn’t taken Jimmy Carter’s place for Worst President Ever (he ran rings around ol’ Jimmah for that one), but because Barry is gone and I for one want him to stay gone.  I don’t want to spend the next eight glorious years still mired in talking about the loser we finally got out of Washington.  I don’t want to waste the good times on fighting old battles that were either won or lost (most of them our leaders just ran away from) a long time ago.  Once Barrycare is repealed I don’t want to hear the name Barack Obama anymore, I want him to fade into obscurity like the loser agitator he is and always has been.  To take a phrase right out of the lefty lexicon, let’s just move on.  Use Barry as a punchline, not an argument.  His fifteen minutes went on eight years too long already.


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