The left claims a scalp…except…

I would be remiss if I did not note the resignation of General Michael Flynn as National Security director, as this is currently dominating the news as the latest ginned-up scandal that the lunatic left is sure will cripple or demoralize President Trump.  The dust-up surrounding the general has two elements to it, first the matter of whether he talked to the Russian ambassador during the transition period regarding the hissy fit sanctions Barry imposed on Russia as a response to their supposed “interference” with our election, the second being the question of whether he lied to Vice President Pence who subsequently went out and vouched for Flynn’s honesty.

Really, the first element here is literally less than nothing.  There is not one thing that is shady about an incoming high-ranking foreign-affairs-related official communicating with a major rival’s ambassador about the policy direction the incoming administration is likely to take.  And yes, that includes if Flynn was calling up the Russkies and telling them flat-out that as soon as Trump got sworn in the sanctions against Russia would be lifted (which they have not been, in case you missed that tiny detail).  Seriously, lefties freaking out over whether Flynn was told by Trump to end-run Barry and tell the Russians to be cool, we got this handled, don’t seem to get that it is expressly the prerogative of the incoming administration to make these kind of foreign policy decisions.  Just because Barry was their god-king doesn’t make his word law bound in stone.

They also seem to forget Barry getting caught on a hot mike telling Dmitri Medvedev to tell Vladimir Putin he’ll have “more flexibility” following the 2012 election–meaning flexibility to tear down decades’ worth of work defending regions like Poland and Ukraine.

The statement from the White House indicates that it was the second element that prompted Flynn’s dismissal, and on that ground it makes a lot of sense while lacking the feeling of outrage that the lefties are trying to generate.  Whether Flynn intentionally lied to Mike Pence or just had a lapse of memory, it makes a lot of sense from a business standpoint to cut losses and cut ties.  I don’t honestly see anything the least bit out of character for President Trump to make this call based upon what has been called an “erosion of trust” and on that basis I think it was probably a good call to make.  The left are going to laugh and squeal and cheer like they have accomplished something but the fact is that whatever the external optics are Flynn’s just not a good fit here.

So the left get to rack one up in their column…but not so fast guys.  See, General Flynn is not a stranger to Washington.  He worked for President Trump for less than a month.  You know who his previous employer was?  None other than Barry.  Barry put him in charge of the Defense Intelligence Agency and kept him on for over two years.  Flynn’s a Democrat from a family of Democrats.  So…if this guy was such a threat and a security risk…why’d he work for Barry for more than two years while it took less than a month for Trump to can him?  Also, Democrat.  Don’t forget that little detail.  Seriously, bring it up next time someone thinks it’ll be a swell idea to “reach across the aisle” and appoint some “moderate” Democrat somewhere–they all have a loose relationship with facts and truth, some just more than others.

Essentially then, the Democrats just took out their own guy in Trump’s inner circle for behaving like a Democrat.  I don’t know about you, but I’m not gonna call that a win for them.


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