Barrycare: 100% pure fail

So the other day I got pecked at by a troll on a days-old Twitchy thread–they like to do that on articles that are off the front page so they can try to rile you up and have you all to themselves, because no one’s likely to come through and back you up like on a fresh thread.  For some reason, this epic gem of stupidity starts running off the usual talking points about Barrycare (also known as the “Affordable” Care Act) in the midst of all his blind senseless name calling.  I dismissed his nonsense with the usual quick finisher and a few parting jabs, as trolls and committed leftists deserve nothing more than that since actual argument and facts are wasted on them, but it brought to mind a couple of points I’ve been meaning to make on here.

First of all, there was this dude named Jonathan Gruber, widely referred to as one of the “architects” of Barrycare.  He is ON VIDEO bragging about how it relied upon the stupidity of the American voter to get through.  Now let’s be perfectly 100% crystal clear here, he is not talking about the stupidity of the public, the stupidity of the opposition, the stupidity of buyers of health insurance through the marketplace or otherwise, but the stupidity of the Democratic voters who VOTED for this stuff whether they intend to use it or not.  Seriously, not only can it NOT work, it is designed to fail.  This was outright admitted in the run-up to passing Barrycare in its original form because of not-quite-full-hard-left Democrats getting cold feet when the Democrats controlled everything.  They needed a united front and just enough Democrats were skittish that they had to dial back the crazy in order to ram it through, but what they replaced their original single-payer government health care plan with was a plan that would inevitably collapse with costs spiraling out of control (as lo and behold they are) and THEN they’d come back later with single-payer as the “solution” to the problem they created.

And let’s be clear, the costs ARE spiraling out of control.  Premiums are up and deductibles have skyrocketed, meaning not only are you paying massive amounts of money for your insurance that you were supposed to SAVE $2500 per year on, but if you ever need to use it, you’re looking at paying the first $5000 out of pocket before your insurance even kicks in as opposed to a typical deductible of a few hundred bucks before.  “But subsidies!” the lefty nimrods will cry.  “You get subsidies so you’re not paying as much!  So nyaah nyaah it’s really more affordable!”  Uh, no.  This burns me every time I see the idiotic ads with the smiling morons bragging about the “low” premiums they get because the government is picking up the tab in “subsidies.”  You DO realize that those “subsidies” have to come from somewhere, right?  No, of course you don’t.  You don’t realize and frankly don’t care that you’re stealing money from other people, including your own children and grandchildren, to pay for your overpriced health insurance “subsidies.”  That DOES NOT MAKE IT CHEAPER.  You’re STILL paying for it, retards, you’re just too ignorant to see it when it comes out of your taxes and adds to the debt we’re leaving to our kids.

But I guess I shouldn’t expect the party that celebrates the murder of their own children to give a good damn what kind of debt they’re leaving to them.  Moving on.

Another thing these dimwits like to do is brag about the “enrollment numbers” even though the number of uninsured is still about the same as it was back when Barrycare became law.  Gee, you made it illegal not to buy something and you’re bragging about people buying it?  What ought to be blowing people’s minds is the fact that there are people like the small business owner who asked Bernie Sanders a question the other night about how the hell is she supposed to grow her business when she’s right up to the threshold where she’ll have to buy them health insurance and that’s just not something she can afford to do.  As for herself, she does not have health insurance.  It is literally more economically feasible for her to pay the exorbitant Barrycare fine (which is in the thousands of dollars last I knew) than it is for her to pay for health insurance.  So tell me again how well this is working, trolls, I dare you.  I triple-dog-dare you.

They also like to scream about how repealing Barrycare will “make America sick again” and “43,000 people will die.”  Um, in case you didn’t notice, health insurance NEVER saved anyone’s life.  It’s been the law for decades that emergency rooms cannot turn people away for lack of ability to pay.  It’s also beyond obvious that the soaring cost of medical care is due in part to medical liability and due in large part to Medicare and Medicaid abuse–why do you think it costs twenty bucks for an eight-cent aspirin in the hospital?  The answer to the problems caused by government interference in health care is NOT more government interference in health care.

“But…but…pre-existing conditions!” they scream.  Okay, here’s the little gem of truth in their big garbage heap of baloney.  Whether society has an obligation to do something about someone who didn’t pay for insurance before something bad happened to them is debatable and my personal position is no, there’s no such obligation, BUT I’m not opposed to trying to do something to help.  Dealing with the expenses or offsetting the cost of insuring the small subset of patients with pre-existing conditions would have been the better and MUCH cheaper way to go about this.  But the issue is this was never about helping people with pre-existing conditions.  It was always entirely about the government control of health care and these sob stories about “pre-existing conditions” along with the drippy feelgood socialist pablum about a “right” to health care were just the foot in the door.  And right now they’re Barrycare’s Potemkin village, set up as the exemplar for why this is so good and necessary and progressive, when even their insurance is unmanageable.

It’s real simple folks.  The system was built to fail and founded on the gross stupidity of the Democratic voting base.  Yes, Democrat voters, that was YOU he was talking about.  Everyone lost their doctor, everyone lost their plan, we passed it to find out what was in it on 100% party lines and we have found that it was full of Spam-Lite.  Nobody is saving $2500 per year.  Subsidies do NOT equal “it costs less”–you or I or our kids are STILL paying for it.  Don’t repair, don’t even replace, just repeal and go status quo ante.  I have no problem expecting the insurance companies (who were behind this all the way, didn’t you know, because the “evil rich corporations” are profiting hand over fist from having a captive market) eat the lion’s share of the expense of resetting the system.

And please, retarded trolls, quit pretending you understand economics.  You really don’t.


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