Well behaved women, chapter 17

A week full of winning and the left is in as many fits as they are in firm denial.  It’s really beautiful to watch.  They think Elizabeth Warren made a valiant stand or protesters thugs did a great thing physically barring Betsy DeVos from visiting a school or the Ninth Circuit “defeated” the Trump administration by doing exactly what we knew they were going to do.  Nope, nope, and um, not at all, retards.  Meanwhile we got Jeff Sessions, Betsy DeVos, and Tom Price all sworn in and ready to rock and roll.  And oh yeah–Donald Trump is still president.

It’s going to be a shorter installment than usual today because if you haven’t ever heard of today’s example of a well-behaved woman, first you need to get out from under your rock, and then you need to do some research yourself.  I’m not going to try to tell her whole story here because not only has it been done many times but I just don’t have that kind of time.  Today’s example of a woman behaving well is the high paradigm of self-sacrifice and compassion, Mother Teresa.

Mother Teresa’s charitable acts are the stuff of legend and as I said I could not do them justice here.  I’m putting her up today for a few key reasons.  One, she was vehemently pro-life and said some of the most eloquent lines against abortion that anyone has ever had the courage to utter, and that’s a subject that never gets old.  Two, she believed compassion and charity were wholly personal things, that you could not force them out of people, you could only hold yourself to your standards (as she demonstrated).  And three, she believed in helping people where they lived.  She didn’t try to bring them to a new place, she tried to help make their lives better in the home and culture they knew.

See where I’m going with this?  We could help orders of magnitude more “refugees” by establishing safe zones in the Middle East than we ever will be able to by importing them into the West and we can do it a lot more cheaply and safely too.  But of course that doesn’t work for the left, they desperately want to import new voters and undermine our culture and maybe have a few more mass shootings so they can cry more about guns.  Mother Teresa stood as an example of what real earned moral superiority looks like.  The left are just con men in respectable suits pretending to care while they pick your pocket.

Next week, another reprehensible woman who made history we all wish she hadn’t.


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