Tom Price, or Win, Win, Win, All Trump Does is Win

Congressman Tom Price, outspoken critic of Barrycare, has been confirmed as Health and Human Services secretary.  Lefties are losing their minds again as their figurative ground-and-pound beating continues.  It’s glorious.

Much as the Democrats raised a fuss over DeVos and Sessions, Price is probably the most immediate threat to all the hard diabolical work the left put in over the last eight years.  Lots of provisions in Barrycare are left up to the discretion of the HHS Secretary, which to the Democrats was fine and dandy as long as it was, say, Kathleen Sebelius or one of her loyal Democratic successors.  Now that it’s Tom Price, on the other hand, I’m eager to see this guy go in and rip out the guts of this monstrosity with both hands and I sure as hell don’t want to hear any excuses about how it has to be done carefully.  I have reason to believe Price prepped for surgery by gassing up the chain saw.

Not sure who is up next but it should be either Andy Puzder or Scott Pruitt.  Puzder is just a delight–I cannot say enough how excited I am to have the CEO of Hardee’s as a possible Secretary of Labor.  Not only is that an excellent choice if you know anything about the history of Hardee’s (fifteen years ago they were an also-ran copy of McDonald’s that tried to do everything and was mediocre at it, today they are the undisputed king of high-quality take-out burgers), but just the thought of a man who ran the company that made things like the Monsterburger and proudly advertised them using bikini-clad women being in the President’s Cabinet fills my heart with joy.  As for Scott Pruitt, he’s from Oklahoma and he’s getting ready to head up the Environmental Fascism Agency.  From my understanding his name has long been a nemesis at EPA and I have reason to believe that he’s going to nuke it from orbit.  Scuttlebutt is that employees of the EPA have been coming to work in tears since his nomination was announced and I cannot think of a more beautiful sight than seeing these eager young clueless communists weeping because their fairy tale problems that aren’t going to kill them are going to kill them.  Oh how sweet it is.

I suppose I ought to mention the decision on the Ninth Circuit to deny a stay of the “Muslim Ban” ruling.  The left is falling all over themselves about this “victory.”  First of all, it’s not upholding the ruling, that fight is still coming.  And second, bragging about a “3-0” decision on the Ninth Circuit in favor of a leftist chump show is like bragging about LeBron James going 3-0 against a twelve year old.  This Circuit has over a 75% rate of overturns at the Supreme Court, meaning most of the time they’re wrong.  Since they’re lefty leaning ALL the time, this makes more than a little sense.  And also, with this preliminary ruling, the DoJ lawyers now know what evidence the states will bring, and how the court is going to look at this stuff, and can plan their arguments accordingly for the real show.  They might not make it at the Ninth Circuit anyway because the Ninth doesn’t go by facts and law, but they’ll be able to make a solid case to take to the Supreme Court, hopefully in time for Justice Gorsuch to write his first concurrence (or even opinion).  In other words, this isn’t even really a setback.

Celebrate good times.


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