Jeff Sessions, or You Guessed It, Trump Wins Again

Jeff Sessions has been confirmed for Attorney General, despite yet another collective freakout by the lunatic left and Fauxcahontas Elizabeth Warren’s pearl-clutching outrage at being prevented from reading a disparaging, falsehood-ridden letter from Coretta Scott King on the Senate floor.  Her response to the invocation of Rule 19 (which prevents senators from impugning other senators on the Senate floor) was priceless, like she thought because the words were coming from a leftist activist that somehow made them okay.  I don’t care if you were reading from Shakespeare or the Bible, lady, you broke the rules and you got called on it.

#ShePersisted and then got told to go make me a sammich.  Cute hashtag bro.

All this winning is making me honestly wonder why we were ever so scared of these people, or I should say, so reluctant to challenge them.  All it takes to shut them down and send them howling for the safe spaces is just to stand up to them and say no, and they’re so unaccustomed to that that they’re screaming themselves hoarse on a daily basis now.  Of course people like me have been saying that for decades now but finally someone’s actually doing it and lo and behold it’s working like gangbusters.

Next up looks to be Tom Price, also known as Barrycare’s hatchet man.  As HHS secretary he’ll have massive power just within the confines of the law as it exists, so we should start to see some relief soon after he takes office.  Of course, that’s no reason not to go full throttle on the repeal–get it done and get it gone, not late this year, and none of this “repeal and repair” nonsense.  Scrap it, start over, go back to the status quo ante.  Seriously.

Not tired of winning yet.  We got a lot more winning still to do.


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