The Califexit song

I’m sure the tune will be obvious…


You lost the fight on election night as the numbers hit the screen,
Middle America got out and voted, and they didn’t pick your queen.
Your fifty-five EC votes couldn’t turn the tide.
Couldn’t get her in, Allah knows you tried.
The children screamed “This just can’t be!
Didn’t you listen to the celebrities?
Don’t care, not fair, we’re outta here!”
Well let’s be clear…

Effin’ go.  Effin’ GO!
Don’t hang around one day more.
Effin’ go, Effin’ GO!
We’ll all be happy to hold the door!
California, secede or stay?
Let me spell it out:
We don’t want you anymore anyway.

It’s time to put some distance between yourself and us,
Because everybody’s tired of listening to you fuss.
A “whitelash” first,
Then recounts came,
Then somehow “Russian hacking” was to blame,
No truth, no sense, nope, what’s the need?

Effin’ go!  EFFIN’ GO!
Nothing’s standing in your path.
Effin’ go!  EFFIN’ GO!
We’ve already done the math.
Cut the ties and be on your way,
Because let’s be clear…

Just think, you could show us that socialism works!
Then watch while all your businesses flee to Texas from you jerks.
Take in all the “refugees” and fry on solar cells!
Just go and don’t come back, effin’ go to HELL!

Give yourselves your great red dawn.
Effin’ go, Effin’ GO!
We won’t miss you when you’re gone.
Don’t go angry, just go away!
We don’t want you anymore anyway.


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