An open rant…er, letter

Dear lefty twits, celebrities in particular,

We get it.  You don’t like President Trump.  You don’t like him or anything he’s doing.  You wailed and cried and freaked out after he was elected and you tried to stop him from taking office and when that didn’t work you tried to make a mess of all the celebrations and ceremonies in Washington D.C. and when that didn’t work you just threw a general tantrum.  Your messages have been received loud and clear, because as much gibberish as you’ve been spouting your volume has been unmistakable.  We hear you.  We know you’re upset and angry and mad enough to fight.

We hear you.  We just don’t care.  Get it?

You see children, we put up with your nonsense for years, quietly went about our business and accepted that you got us good last time around.  Our so-called leaders in many respects took that concept to heart so deeply that they resolved not to rock the boat and tried so hard to recast themselves as slightly-less-deranged versions of your heroes, and we replied by getting new leaders.  That’s how we ended up with Trump.  You, on the other hand, ended up with him because after eight years of getting your way, following eight years of mostly getting your way on top of another eight years of getting your way, we’re in a right mess and you know it.  You’re not used to us fighting back and in fairness that’s more our side’s fault than yours.  But you’re gonna have to get used to it, cupcake, ’cause we’ve learned we can do it and it works.

You know what else we’ve learned?  We don’t need you.  Especially those of you in the press and in Hollywood, we don’t need you anymore.  You’re as irrelevant as you are biased and people are starting to finally wake up to both those facts.  All you singers and actors, you know you’re not actually smart because you played a rocket scientist on an alien spaceship that one time, right?  You know you’re not actually important because you can memorize lines and look good with a special effects crew behind you, or do you have any idea that that is the case?  Well, maybe I’m presuming a little too much here.  As for the clowns in the mainstream drive-by media, how’s that whole “fake news”thing working out for you after it got completely flipped on you, where it belongs?  See, there’s this thing called the internet, with thousands of voices and access to tens of thousands of pairs of eyes, most of whom carry smartphones with cameras, so you don’t control what news people hear and see anymore.  Quite honestly I don’t listen to you anymore for anything but the weather because you’re such proven liars.  I have better things to do than be lied to and belittled by arrogant overinflated twits.

As for the rest of you, those of you out screaming and rioting (yes, you’re rioting and committing domestic terrorism) and promising to “fight,” or those of you supporting them, whether from the safety of your Congressional offices or your Beverly Hills mansions, you’ve done your assembling and you’ve had your turn to speak and if you want to keep wailing you can make yourselves look stupid all you want, but you’ve lost.  You’re done.  You have to deal with the adults being back in charge and we get it, it’s not gonna be any fun for you.  Tough bananas.  The last eight years weren’t much fun for the rest of us and whether you know it or not they weren’t good for you either.

We know you don’t like it.  We’ve heard it over and over again.  You’ve made it clear that nothing but nothing that the President and the GOP can do, you’re going to scream bloody murder about it and rant and rave and even set stuff on fire if you think you can get away with it.  You’re going to make ridiculous costumes or knit dumb looking hats and think that makes you brave and contributes to some asinine “resistance.”  It doesn’t.  You clueless dolts don’t even get that you are the establishment now, much less that what you’re “resisting” is civilization.

So by all means, keep right on screaming.  Don’t let us stop you.  It’s too much fun to laugh at you.  The normal people who used to be kinda-sorta sympathetic when you yelled are getting accustomed to you crying wolf and they’re learning to tune you out like the rest of us do.  So please, keep right on digging that hole for yourselves.  Your hysterics just make you look like the spoiled children you are.  If you want to waste your time and yell yourself hoarse in the process of alienating your customers, your viewers, or just anyone who might possibly ever be sympathetic to you, that’s your business.

We heard you.  We know you’re furious.  We just don’t care.  And you can cry all you want, but you’re not getting your way.



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