Neil Gorsuch

Remember that test I was talking about yesterday?

From all appearances it looks like The Don passed with flying colors.

Neil Gorsuch is the Supreme Court nominee.  I honestly don’t know a whole lot about Judge Gorsuch but I’m in the process of educating myself.  According to Rush Limbaugh, who I take as a very reliable source on all things conservative, of the two “finalists” Gorsuch was by far the more rock-ribbed solid conservative.  I must admit I was initially a bit concerned when I saw he was unanimously confirmed for the federal bench but the more I look into it the more I’m inclined to believe the Senate Dems just blew him off because his circuit was out in the middle West and who cares what happens out there?  The unanimous approval is looking less and less like a liability and more and more like a unique trump card (no pun intended) that should put the lie to hypocritical Demotwits claiming he’s “extreme” and “dangerous” if not foil their opposition outright.  Clerking for Justices Byron White and Anthony Kennedy was also a red flag to me, but my concerns are diminishing by the hour.

Supreme Court picks are a typically tricky business for Republican presidents.  Democrats have it easy, they just pick some incompetent fool with the correct grievance group memberships and they’ll serve in lockstep for the remainder of their natural lives without fear of breaking ranks with the president who appointed them.  Republicans on the other hand seem to get taken, which when you consider how much pressure is typically put on them to pick a “moderate” is understandable (“moderate” to the left and the press means “claims to vote Republican but will cave in and go along with the Democrats when it really matters”).  For every Clarence Thomas there is a David Souter.  For every Samuel Alito there is a John Roberts.  I’m inclined to be optimistic about Gorsuch with Trump’s business acumen–he knows how to pick good people as his cabinet demonstrates.

Of course the left lost their collective grip once again.  They somehow had professionally printed signs ready to deploy in multiple cities (though some hilariously were made up as “Stop _______” and had Gorsuch’s name written in in marker) and are all up in arms about this selection.  Which really doesn’t tell us anything–usually the quality of the candidate can be measured by the level of the left’s nonsensical screaming about him but they don’t seem to have any volume control anymore so that’s less telling than it has been in the past.  It appears a popular theme among the left is now that this is “Merrick Garland’s stolen seat” and they’re once again trotting out their “Trump didn’t win the popular vote” line in concert with it.  Listen retards, it was never Merrick Garland’s seat, the Senate gets to weigh in and the Senate told Barry to pound sand, he was NOT going to defile the seat held by Antonin Scalia.  It was a rare moment of backbone and it was glorious–if the Senate GOP had to pick only one line to hold, that was the one.  And in case you didn’t know, the practice or unwritten rule against allowing lame duck presidents to appoint Supreme Court replacements dates back a couple of decades, to 1992.  It’s called the “Biden Rule.”  Hmm…does that name sound familiar to you?

The Senate Republicans will need a few Democrat votes to make this happen, and with so many of them up for re-election in red states that should be less of a task than it appears at first glance.  There’s no excuse for the establishment types on our side to break ranks on this guy–although that has never stopped them before.  Still, early reports are that the GOP is forming a rare united front behind Judge Gorsuch.  There’s cause to be optimistic–they’re going to rip him as hard as they can but they’d do that to anyone.  Buckle up, we’re in for a bumpy ride.


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