The first real test

President Trump has announced that he will name his first (of hopefully several) Supreme Court nominee tonight.  Of course the Democrats have already started their pre-emptive whining and proclamations that they’re going to filibuster anybody who isn’t Merrick Garland (who has only slightly more business being on the court than Sonia Sotomayor, which isn’t saying much at all).  This is no surprise whatsoever and means that there is no point at all in trying to name some kind of compromise candidate in the hopes that the Demotwits will deign to go along with him–time to go full throttle and find us a Robert Bork.

In my opinion this is the first real test of Donald Trump and his presidency.  All of what he has done so far has been unmitigated awesome and the fact that he’s steaming ahead on all cylinders while spokesmen like Sean Spicer and Kellyanne Conway run interference with the press is inspiring me with a great deal of pride and hope, but so far it’s all been either groundwork stuff or following through on campaign promises (that the media and NeverTrumpers spent months telling us he never would do).  Don’t get me wrong, groundwork is important and the man’s been in office only about a week and a half, but this is the first real shot at doing something that will reverberate through not only his administration but beyond.  This is important in a lot of ways that go beyond simple politics.

See, what we need here at this point is for Donald Trump to plant a flag and for the Supreme Court to get a new leader.  Justice Antonin Scalia, God rest his mighty soul, was the conservative bastion on the court for ages until his untimely (and some would say convenient and suspicious) death last year, and with nothing but the utmost respect for Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito, there has not been a replacement for his wisdom and wit on the court to step up and succeed him.  Thomas and Alito, again great men and jurists in their own right, are more of the quietly dignified strain of conservatives, while Scalia (in dissents especially) told it like it was with the most colorful vocabulary of completely-G-rated words and allusions to grace modern American politics.  He knew the line between personal beliefs and Constitutional muster and he held that line to the dismay and against the ridicule of know-it-all college professors and idiot snowflakes alike.  And he was not shy about outright mocking the other half of the court–including Chief Justice Roberts– when the occasion called for it, as the obscenely stupid Barrycare decisions did.

So now it’s time to show the coalition of voters who put him into office where Trump’s political heart lies.  He planted one solid flag when he picked the incredibly awesome Mike Pence to be his running mate and I am hoping against hope that he chooses someone who is truly worthy of succeeding Antonin Scalia, Democrat opposition be damned.  Everything else he has done to this point has been superficial and staunch-the-bleeding type acts that are as necessary as they are terrific, this move will go to his core and show us more clearly than any other act he has taken so far where his priorities lie.

Big day, folks.  You might say it’s huge.


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