No, it’s not a “Muslim ban”…

The title says it all on this Monday morning but let’s get into some details.  You may or may not have heard that Barry did the same bleedin’ thing back in 2011, restricting travel from Iraq for six months, and nobody had a cow or blocked traffic over it.  You may or may not know that restricting travel is nothing at all out of the ordinary and well within the acknowledged rights of sovereign nations to do.  It’s a form of diplomatic pressure that doesn’t result in people getting hurt.  You may or may not know that there is NO religion check in this executive order, it’s focused on seven terrorist-sponsoring countries without regard to the beliefs of the individual traveler.

Chances are good you don’t know that President Trump’s executive order is authorized explicitly by the United States code, which puts into explicit terms the right of the United States as a sovereign nation to control who can and cannot enter.  Chuck Schumer can squeeze out all the fake tears he wants to, but that doesn’t make this in any way “mean spirited” (I haven’t missed that lefty buzzword).  It’s a temporary action while we get things sorted out–EXACTLY as President Trump promised.  You also probably don’t know that there are possible exceptions and variances once travelers have been thoroughly vetted.

The fact is that Barry and the Democrats created this mess.  For years Barry insisted that there was no way to check everyone, it was all or nothin’, we had to let all the poor refugees in or we were mean mean evil mean nasty mean racists, and if some of them ended up being terrorists well…don’t you dare blame it on Muslims!  So they made such a royal train wreck of the situation (deliberately) that it only makes sense to stop the flow while we sort out what kind of situation we’re in and what to do about it going forward.  Which again, is EXACTLY what the President promised to do.  Barry had eight years to do something reasonable about this mess (during two of which the GOP could quite literally do nothing to stop him) and chose to just open the floodgates to try to admit as many Democrat-voting foreigners, whether illegals or “refugees,” as he possibly could.  Well, now the adults have come home and it’s time to clean up.

And the fact is that it’s becoming clearer all the time that it doesn’t matter what President Trump does, the left is going to lose it’s collective mind (pun sort of intended) and try to cast it in the most unfavorable light they can in order to gin up outrage and galvanize their ground troops to go out and cause havoc.  Protesting is fine, you can look like idiots all you want, but this blocking traffic nonsense that started with (Black Lives Don’t Actually Matter to) Black Lives Matter is interfering with public property and false imprisonment, and is domestic terrorism.  So is threatening to tear down the border wall (as noted moron Maxine Waters recently did).


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