The March for Life

The annual March for Life (which has been happening every year since 1974) is going on in Washington D.C. right now.  I’m not going to say much about it other than encourage anyone who comes across this to take a look at the crowds, the speakers, and the condition of the parks and grounds afterwards.  You will not see people dressed up in obscene costumes or five-year-olds walking around with profanity-laden signs their single mothers gave them.  You will not see hateful celebrities droning drunkenly about blowing up the White House or affecting down-home Southern accents to try to appear authentic.  You will not see stupid knitted hats based off a lie.  You will not hear chants or see burning flags.  You will not hear Islamic calls to prayer.  You will hear a sober message of love and hope for all people, that includes everyone while naming no one group.  You will see a difference in how adults conduct themselves versus how spoiled children act.  And when it is all over you will see the sites of the speeches and rallies and marches left as clean or cleaner than when the march began.

And you will see all of this in spite of the efforts of the fake news media to hide it from you for over forty years.  President Trump has done a lot of great things in his first week in office but one of the best has been to confront lying hack David Muir about the march Muir and his network do not want to talk about, and now people are starting to pay attention.

We are winning.


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