Alternative facts

Just to clear up any confusion about this buzzphrase, “alternative facts” as referenced by Kellyanne Conway mean, bluntly, THE TRUTH.  Occasionally it may mean “facts from a different perspective” but in general she means that Sean Spicer’s facts are grounded in reality and that’s why they’re different from the Fake News Media “facts” as presented.  You know, facts like “white Hispanic” or “hands up don’t shoot” or “Benghazi was about an internet video” or “if you like your plan you can keep your plan” or the wage gap myth.  So for all those idiots out there laughing about how Trump and his administration are making up their own facts as they go along, you best cram it, because this is what the last administration and their willing accomplices in the press have been doing for eight years and we’re done with it.  “Alternative facts” is a polite, slightly snarky way of telling you you’re lying, and we’re not going to be governed by lies and fairy tales anymore.


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