Well behaved women, chapter 14

As the much-vaunted “Women’s March” (aka the anti-Trump march they insist is not an anti-Trump march except they invited anti-Trump twerps from around the world to join up but told pro-life women to take a hike) in Washington gives the media something to use to ignore the rioting and acts of horrific violence being perpetrated against Trump supporters in the wake of the inauguration, and fails to do anything else of note save waste thousands of dollars worth of yarn on a dumb lie, I thought I’d give today’s installment of Well Behaved Women to another act of stupid women in large groups: the temperance movement.

Because after being granted the vote in the early 20th century, women and their progressive puppetmasters pretty quickly decided that just being able to participate in the representative republican process was not enough for them.  The prohibition cause was already picking up steam but really took off when millions of emotion-driven scolds thought they would “solve” the problem of alcohol via government force and resorted to some familiar tactics to do it.  First they started off with songs and chants and marches, things that rhymed or could be sung along to tunes that most people already knew, then they moved up to domestic terrorism and property crime, smashing kegs of beer and bottles of booze as they harassed progressive eastern cities and western farm towns alike into declaring themselves “dry.”  And of course finally they ended up getting Prohibition passed as a Constitutional amendment, and we all know how well THAT worked.

Of course, since Prohibition led to the rise of the mob and bootleggers like Joe Kennedy, and therefore enriched the power base of union bosses and Democratic political families, maybe the left doesn’t really see Prohibition as all that bad a thing, especially now that they can use it as an example when they don’t want something else banned.  As for the remainder of civil society however, we’re all pretty sure Prohibition was not a great idea and we’re still feeling the aftershocks.  For women’s first major political cause, getting those no-good husbands of theirs to give up their drink on pain of jail (you know, the guys who in general put in a hard day’s work when that meant a lot more than it does today and just wanted a glass of whiskey to relax in the evening), this sure turned out to be a non-starter.  It’s telling how much they still start chanting like small children and breaking stuff when they aren’t getting their way to this day.

Next week we’ll be back to a better example.  Of course, Trump will still be president, so everything will be just a little more awesome.


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