Merry Trumpmas everybody!

I’ve never watched a presidential inauguration before but I was watching today.  Trump’s speech was brief, lasting about 15-20 minutes, and sounded a lot like most of his campaign speeches.  The media yutzes came on and gave him grief over not going with more of a unity-themed message but as far as I’m concerned it was good and entirely appropriate.  He’s saying thank you to the people who brought him here and paying heed to the message, values, and priorities that put him in office.  Yeah, that meant it contained more negativity than your typical inaugural address but that was part of its power.  It wasn’t just a bunch of fluff and happy talk about coming together and everything’s going to be sunshine and roses, but rather an acknowledgement that times are tough and it’s time to do something about it, and we’re getting set to roll up our sleeves and make it happen.  The optimism here was still plainly clear, the same kind of real world optimism that energized Trump’s base throughout the campaign and will power his administration.  In the real world you don’t pretend troubles don’t exist (or pretend troubles exist that, somehow, you hold the sole solution for), you acknowledge them, you face them head on, and you tackle them with the confidence that you can and will overcome them.  Especially when you’re the United States of America.

EDIT: I have to add, while most folks on the inaugural stage including Barry seemed to be making a genuine effort to be genial, the hate radiating off Michelle Obama in waves was tangible.  Her face was welded into a grim frown and even while Barry and Joe and the other Democrats politely applauded for many of Trump’s key lines she didn’t until the very end.  If looks could kill there’d be bodies in the streets.  I am so tired of hearing about how wonderful and beautiful and graceful and stylish and whatever praise can be heaped upon this angry, ugly woman.  “They go low, we go high?”  Like hell you do.

SECOND EDIT: Anyone else notice that in the inauguration crowd (which was YUGE) that there wasn’t one of those ridiculous knitted pink cat-ear hats to be seen, but plenty of MAGA hats?

It’s a new day folks.  On Monday morning we work.  Today, we celebrate.  Merry Trumpmas to all, and to all–the good fight!




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