Why it had to be The Don

Here we are on Trumpmas Eve, folks.  Our long national nightmare is about to be over and the monsters are still thrashing, emptying Gitmo, pardoning traitors and terrorists, and generally making as big a mess for President Trump and the GOP to clean up as possible.  President-elect Trump has faced the most vehement criticism and attacks from the press, the Democrats, and Hollywood of any newly elected president in this transition period, and once again the “polls” are out claiming his approval ratings are tanking while Barry is leaving office at a high point.  Yeah, sure, and Hillary’s up by eleven.

Watching this and having been a Cruz backer, I came to an important realization.  They are not doing this just because of Donald Trump.  They use his tweets and things he says (or they falsely claim he said) as cover for their attacks but look at the responses when someone suggests removing Trump, by legitimate means or otherwise.  The ones with a smidgen of foresight almost universally reply “well you have to take out Pence too, he’s even worse.”  Which demonstrates one very crucial thing: the left is not doing this just because it’s Trump, they’re doing it because they went all in on Barry and Hillary and have been soundly defeated.  They would be doing this to ANY Republican President-elect at this point, whether it was Ted Cruz or Scott Walker or Jeb Bush or Lindsey Freaking Graham.  Look at how they reviled and smeared and joked about assassinating George W. Bush, and boycotted HIS inauguration because HE was “not legitimate.”  These attacks are tailored to fit the target but don’t kid yourselves into thinking this would not be so bad if their guns were trained on, say, President-elect Ben Carson.  They’d just be using different ammo.

I’ve stated many times, I could not think more highly of Dr. Carson.  I think he’s a fantastic pick for HUD and it’s beyond obvious that he’s a brilliant, capable man, an individual of tremendous integrity, gentle goodness, inner strength and perseverance, to say nothing of talent and the courage to follow it.  But I never got behind Dr. Carson’s bid for the GOP nomination, because I do not believe that the nation and the world as it exists are ready for a good, gentle man to be president.  It is my fervent hope that someday that will be different.  I supported Ted Cruz from the getgo in part because I thought and still think he is enough of a scrapper to be able to engage these fools and turn us back from the brink, and bring about a time when Dr. Carson could be president.  Not long after the nomination of Donald Trump I heard Ann Coulter express a similar opinion about Trump versus the rest of the GOP field, that someone like Trump was going to be necessary before the nation was ready for a Ted Cruz or a Scott Walker, and suddenly a lot of other things made sense, including Sarah Palin’s early support of Trump.

It becomes ever more clear when you look at the filth and hate these reprobates are leveling against Trump, while at the same time either speculating about the Russians having embarrassing information about him (the now-infamous fake “dossier” promoted by Senator John McCain accusing Trump of disgusting acts using hookers in Moscow) or in some cases (such as a recent threat from Anonymous) to unload “sordid details” about Trump’s life so much so that he will regret the next four years.  For most if not any normal politician these threats and insinuations would be enough to get them to shut up, close down, and quietly fade from public life in fear.  Trump is not a normal politician.  Anything that can be said about him, has been said about him, to the point where the automatic response to these bogus claims for anyone who is not predisposed to dislike him (and even some who are) is to dismiss them as probably false.  For God’s sake, the Democrats spent half the presidential campaign trying to tell people he was a serial rapist in competition with Billy Jeff Clinton and if he was elected he was going to go door to door grabbing women by their lady parts.

The Don will not back down and will not be swayed or slowed by these accusations, and as they continue to pile up and the left continues to resolutely not get it, the Democrats don’t realize they’re chipping away at what little is left of their power and influence.  They’re crying scandal and no one’s listening anymore while the Republicans and the alternative media are realizing Trump is teaching us all how to win.  Most of the other contenders in the original GOP field would have folded up by now and would be entering office already limping, and even our champions like Cruz and Walker would be feeling the heat–I’m sure they’d both be soldiering on but they’d either be getting pressure from their donors to tone it down a bit or they’d be throwing some bones to the moderates (like the idiot Thom Tillis out of North Carolina blathering about how the GOP doesn’t have a mandate and the voters want us to “work together to end gridlock and get things done” and other malarkey).  Trump’s showing us what it means to be an outsider not beholden to anybody.

On this Trumpmas Eve, I think there’s reason to hope that there’s a massive tectonic shift coming in our political world.  The tide is turning, thanks to the courage and sacrifice of a man who looks greater with every passing day.  No, this is not a “Trump cult” thing, it’s just an honest assessment of what someone who had everything he could ever want and was wealthy enough to not care who the president was has done for his country.  At the end of the day he will not save us.  It’s up to all of us now to take advantage of the turn in our fortunes, but there’s good reason to hope and believe that by the time he’s done, by virtue of who he is and being immune to the usual strategies of the left and the media, the nation will be ready for a President Cruz, or a President Walker, or a President Pence, all of whom will know how to fight back.  And then someday, someday soon, the nation may be ready for a President Carson.  Only Trump could pave that road.

I may be busy tomorrow, so if I’m not back to say something, Happy Trumpmas everyone.  Dawn has come, do not be dismayed by those who curse the light.


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