Well behaved women, chapter 13

After a brief hiatus my “Well behaved women” series is back where we left off.  Today’s installment will be relatively short but timely due to the fact that Inauguration Day (aka We Get Rid of Barry Day)(aka Trumpmas) is coming up this week, and I can think of no better time to recognize 2016’s most sterling example of a well behaved woman making history, Kellyanne Conway.

As Donald Trump’s campaign manager (the one who saw him across the finish line victorious), Kellyanne was the first woman in American history to manage a winning presidential campaign.  She wasn’t the first person The Don had in this post but as a good businessman does he rearranged his personnel until he got to the right person for the job and did not care if that person was male or female.  Kellyanne has gone on to be one of Donald Trump’s most vocal (and most reviled) surrogates, defending him and his campaign against some of the most hateful and false accusations ever deployed in any American political race.  She has handled critics, hecklers, and trolls alike with wit, grace, intelligence, humor, and above all a calm, proud dignity, not quiet, but never shrill.  As a consequence of breaking this particular “glass ceiling” she has been cast as a traitor to her gender, a fake woman, and subjected to the same ugly, vitriolic abuse as her boss, only oftentimes she gets it even worse–especially from other women.  But if you want to know what winning looks like, look no further.  The lovely and gracious Miss Conway will reportedly go on to hold a position in the Trump administration and all of us “woman-hating” Republicans cheered with excitement at this decision, because we know and appreciate talent when we see it and don’t care if it’s in a suit and tie or a skirt and heels.  For her part in ushering in this tremendous victory, in saving America as we know it and giving us a fighting chance to take it back, we owe Kellyanne Conway a debt of gratitude.  Well done.

Next week we’ll be back on the not-so-awesome side.  Of course, at that point Barry will be out of office and the new dawn will have come, so everything will be more awesome.


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