Jeff Sessions and why he’s awesome

The buzz today is about the first of the Trump cabinet picks to begin Senate confirmation hearings, Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama.  Sessions is a longtime prosecutor and border hawk and I have been clear on here that I think this is a two-thumbs-up pick.  Naturally the lunatic left is out in force trying to smear him because he’s the best man for the job, and because unlike many of their targets they thought they had destroyed him thirty years ago.

You see, Senator Sessions was nominated to be a federal judge back in the 80s by President Reagan, but got torn apart by allegations that were absurd then and are even more absurd now.  Sessions is accused of “horrible anti-black actions” by people who don’t know what they’re talking about.  Here’s the situation: Jeff Sessions one time made a joke (which multiple people thought was a joke but one person for some reason thought he was serious) about not thinking the KKK was so bad until he found out they smoked marijuana.  I mean really, if you have to be told this was a joke even without hearing it in context then you need to hang it up.  Jeff Sessions criticized the ACLU as unAmerican and supporters of Communists…which they are and were (at the time they were vocally in favor of the Sandinistas in Nicaragua).  He voiced an opinion that forcing civil rights legislation down people’s throats did more harm than good…which it does.  Neither of these is a racist statement.

Everything else negative about Sessions is “he might have said”s and other tainted accounts that the corroborating witnesses either don’t corroborate or flatly refute, and they come from either civil rights attorneys or from prosecutors who worked under Sessions and engaged in shady conduct of their own.  He’s accused of selective prosecution of voter fraud when he had a number of tampered ballots in hand–purveyors of this line of baloney will whine that “there were only fourteen fraudulent ballots” while people in the real world will be shocked that there were so many.  That’s fourteen people whose votes were nullified, that we know about.

All this information comes courtesy of left-friendly sources but what those sources don’t tell about is one Henry Hays, a KKK member whom Jeff Sessions and his office prosecuted for the murder of a black man.  Hays just happens to be the ONLY known KKK member executed for a white-on-black crime in the 20th century and the first person since 1913 given the death penalty in Alabama for white-on-black murder.  Jeff Sessions was the state Attorney General who practically walked this piece of human trash to the electric chair (some sources try to credit Assistant AG Thomas Figures, but Sessions was the one in charge and responsible for greenlighting this as well as every prosecution his office undertook).  If Sessions is a racist, he’s not very good at it.

So why is Jeff Sessions awesome?  Because the left is losing their minds over him being Attorney General.  That’s qualification enough for me.

Oh, and Senator Leahy, the correct response to your question regarding the bogus line your party couldn’t stop repeating about Donald Trump is “what the hell kind of a stupid question is that?”  Senator Sessions is too dignified to give you the response you deserve.

But let me leave this here, from my good friend Senator Ted Cruz:


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