Russian hacking

Okay folks, let’s get a few things clear here:

YES, the Russian government employs hackers.  They have attempted to breach our systems as we have attempted to breach theirs.  This is not even an enemy versus enemy thing–we have been hacked or had hack attempts from some of our closest allies including Israel and (I think) Great Britain.  THIS IS NOT NEWS.

NO, sorry, the election was NOT hacked, by Russians, by Julian Assange, by anybody.  When the mainstream drive-by media blathers about “hacking the election” they are deliberately trying to put into the public mind the image of code monkeys in dark rooms staring into The Matrix to finesse enough ones and zeroes to alter the vote totals that Hillary Clinton’s team either already altered or hadn’t altered enough.  Never forget this is coming from the people who insisted election integrity was a joke issue and a conspiracy theory promoted by racists, but even the most accusatory fairy tales about “Russian hacking” at their base facts DO NOT CLAIM that the actual vote was “hacked.”  This is in part because in many places in this country, the elections are NOT remotely hackable.  In Michigan, for example, they use only paper ballots.  The only place that many voting machines could be “hacked” would be before the election begins, at the source where the machines were built, because many of them are airgapped (i.e. not connected to the internet).  So unless Boris and Natasha were out physically monkeying with voting machines the only place they could have been “hacked” to alter vote totals was the factory where they were built.  Guess who supplied many states with voting machines?  I’ll give you a hint: it wasn’t the Koch Brothers.

NO, getting access to John Podesta’s email via a phishing scheme is NOT “hacking.”  This is what the story REALLY is, that the “Russians” tricked one of Hillary Clinton’s top aides into giving them his email password, that they used it to access communications between Democrats and the media that showed their true colors, proved that the party and the press were working as one, proved that Hillary cheated to win the primary, and all the other damning information that came out.  They TRIED to do the same with the RNC but it didn’t work.  So the media’s contention is that “The Russians hacked into the Democrats’ email and revealed all this stuff that Republicans have been trying to tell people was true forever, none of which has been denied by the press or the Democrats, and thereby influenced enough voters in the middle to swing the election” equals “hacking the election.”  In other words, telling the public the truth hacked their minds.  If you’re thinking that it doesn’t sound like telling people the truth and then them making an important decision on that basis would be a bad thing, congratulations, you’re either a sensible intelligent person or a Russian agent.  Or both.

YES, Vladimir Putin is not our friend.  He may be acting in a sane, calm manner right now because he doesn’t want his ass kicked and maybe even because he likes making Barry look like an idiot–Putin is enjoying the rare opportunity to upstage an American president while it lasts.  He doesn’t want a war with us because he’s not stupid, not because he’s some paragon of virtue.  We conservatives have enjoyed watching him outplay Barry the Man-Child without hardly trying but we’re not deluded into believing he’s suddenly our pal.  We teamed up with Stalin, we left Mao alone, we can live and let live with Putin.  We are sure that there were cheers in Moscow when Trump won the election, because that meant the world’s greatest superpower was not going to be run by a nitwit who would play nuclear brinksmanship for political points.  The whole WORLD was cheering.

NO, I’m not necessarily going to take WikiLeaks or Julian Assange at their word.  They did us a service this time out, sure, but they’re kind of inherently dishonest.  To be blunt, “Assange said it wasn’t the Russians” carries less weight to me than the fact that there’s no proof it was the Russians (and as I stated above, OF COURSE the Russians were hacking us in general and OF COURSE Putin knew about it, but there’s no proof that the stuff harvested from the DNC was taken by Russia).

So to recap, this claim that “the Russians hacked the election” is beyond bogus.  It’s meant to make you think they went in and altered the numbers when the very most they MIGHT have done is handed TRUE information over to WikiLeaks for publication, meaning their crime would be that they enabled the truth to be told about a bunch of liars (who have been getting away with it for decades).  Forgive me if I’m not up in arms about that.

Eleven days ’til Trumpmas boys and girls.


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