The news is abuzz with the story out of Fort Lauderdale Florida about some guy in the airport pulling a gun and blasting randomly into the baggage claim area.  The last story I heard was that he actually had the gun in his checked bag, took his luggage into the bathroom, got the gun out, loaded it, and went berserk.

So let’s be clear on a couple things.  First, this was not a TSA fail.  TSA’s job (when they’re not harassing old people and disabled children) is to prevent another 9/11, which means they can’t allow you to have weapons accessible during a flight.  From gate to gate, if nothing gets hijacked or blown up, they’ve done what they were set up to do.  A baggage claim area is NOT a secure zone–it may well be a “gun-free” zone for all the good that has ever done anywhere, but it’s accessible just by walking in from the curb in literally every airport I have ever been in (and I have been in plenty of them).  There’s no metal detector to go through to get to the baggage claim.  Once you recover your bag, you’re under local and airport police jurisdiction.

Second, the usual gun-grabbing suspects are already out wailing their usual lies and misinformation about “gun violence.”  I’ll link a particularly good video below that refutes their nonsense in spades but one thing they’re crying about particularly loudly today is how the Florida GOP is considering a bill that would allow carrying firearms in airports.  And somehow these brain-damaged people still can’t make the jump and realize that today, having a law against having a gun in an airport did precisely nothingNot only that, but if such a law had been passed six months ago, there’s a chance (and a pretty good one) that someone there today might have been legally armed, and might have been able to put a stop to this rampage before the killer racked up five bodies and at least eight others with injuries.  There’s also an even better chance that, if Florida’s airports were NOT “gun-free” sitting-duck zones, this maniac would have passed on through in search of a softer target.  Because practically if not literally ALL of the mass shootings in recent memory have taken place in “gun-free” zones.

It’s real simple, people.  Gun-free zones don’t work.  Gun bans don’t work.  You cannot make a law that will stop every evil person every time, especially not when most of these mass shooters either do not intend to live beyond their massacres or do not intend or expect to attempt to escape.  But then, gun control proponents are cut from the same cloth as people who still think socialism will work after history has demonstrated time and time again that it never does and inevitably results in tyranny and death.  So either they’re too stupid to figure this out, or they’re okay with that result as long as it means they get their way.  Neither one makes me terribly comfortable.

As promised, a thorough ventilation of gun-grabber hysteria, courtesy of Bill Whittle:


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