Defending The Don

In the weeks since the election, still in the run-up to the inauguration (sixteen days baby!), the choking remnants of the NeverTrumpers and other naysayers are continuing to hiss from their new digs in the dustbin of history about how people like me are just a bunch of cult-like apologists.  They insist that Trump’s supporters are all just going to excuse and defend him no matter what he does and that at the same time we’re going to attack and vilify anyone who dares speak up against him.  They lost their chance at a big “I told you so” on election day and now are clinging to a desperate hope that they’ll get one somewhere down the line, and they want to be sure that when they’re finally “proven right” that we’ll all be shamed into accepting it.

I hope they’re enjoying their irrelevance because they’re wrong once again.

I will be up front and honest: my reflexive reaction to attacks on Donald Trump will be to jump to his defense.  In my line of work I’m accustomed to having to be coiled and ready to intercept and head off issues in a timely manner lest the opportunity pass and I’m trained to be able to make an argument off the cuff, with the knowledge that even if I don’t get everything precisely right on the first volley, what I mostly need to do is get my word in edgewise and if there’s a foundation to stand on then I’ll get the opportunity to flesh it out later.  Or, I’ll get shut down and told to take my seat.  Either way, I know when I need to make that jump.

We know that the left and the Democrats are losing their minds and unable to even believe that it’s going to be President Trump in a little over two weeks.  We know they’re mounting a “resistance” and some are already planning and plotting ways to start up impeachment proceedings.  They’re going to hit him from every side on any and every point they can make up and they’re going to try to get as much of it on the Republicans in general as they can, in part to try to smear the GOP members who back him up, and in part to get the more squishy Republicans to get on their side and join in the attack.  For some, it will not take much prodding.

So yes, I am going to operate from a starting presumption that attacks on President Trump will be baseless nonsense and I will jump to his defense in most if not all cases.  Anyone who considers that “cultist” behavior is deluding themselves about what the media and the Democrats are and always have been capable of.  These people know that a lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on and they’re not above throwing lie after lie in the hope that something sticks.

I’ll acknowledge when I’ve jumped too quickly just like I acknowledge every instance where I do not think Trump has it right (such as his criticism of the Iraq War).  The price for jumping up is that you risk being told to sit down, and that’s pretty much it.  I’m not so afraid of allowing a sore loser an “I told you so” that I will let my team take a beating while I stand to the side.


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