We live in strange times…

Former Green Party presidential candidate, recount loser, far-left nutjob and world champion of not-getting-it Jill Stein was in Madison Wisconsin again today, rallying with her disturbed followers in support of, I’m not kidding, election integrity.  Because despite there being obvious proof just in the numbers of “votes” counted and buttressed by evidence turned up by her own recount efforts that any and all cheating going on this election was done by the Democrats, somehow these twits still think “Russia hacked the election” or something.  Remember when these same people laughed at us and insisted that voter IDs were racist for some reason?

I still say that makes this the opportune time for some massive election integrity overhauls but I’m well aware that is unlikely.  We won and no one on the winning team is going to want to waste time preventing cheating that we managed to outplay this time out.  I can’t fault having other priorities (and they are huge) but still I can’t help feeling like we’re missing an opportunity that may never present itself so perfectly again.

Meanwhile, as leftists scream themselves hoarse about voter fraud, on the flip side we Republicans are finding ourselves in the position of praising and gaining respect for the leader of Russia, a former KGB agent and tough nationalist whom we have rightly considered our most dangerous geopolitical foe in the past.  He remains so, but at the moment, when our incompetent tantrum-throwing man-child president is doing his level best to provoke some kind of scene that will make trouble for President Trump, the world is looking to Vladimir Putin to be the bigger man and damned if he isn’t stepping up and doing it.

We live in very strange times…


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