2016: It was a good year

Well, maybe next year I’ll have a full year of posts to review.  And maybe even a reader or two, that would be pretty cool .  For months now, it’s been in vogue to comment on the happenings of 2016 by using the year itself as a sort of classification, like this was the year from the Twilight Zone or something.  I’ll grant that this was certainly an unusual year and did not go the way many people expected.  We lost a few celebrities, which happens every year.  We lost some important people, some heroes of unimaginable stature like Justice Antonin Scalia, some villains of horrific evil like Fidel Castro.  But of course this year was dominated by the election that was no less than the ultimate showdown, the game that the Democrats and the media put all their chips on–and lost spectacularly.  They pulled out all the stops and went for broke, nominating a train wreck of a candidate who seemed unstoppable, whom they had convinced themselves was inevitable, and in the process of selling her they came to believe their own lies.  They cheated and cheated hard, they rigged the election six ways from Sunday (and we know about most of the ways), they ended up getting their wicked queen four million votes more than the rest of the Democrats reeled in nationwide…and they still lost.  They lost because Donald Trump was a force of nature, a happy warrior with a bulletproof grin and a direct line to the voting public by means of his much-lambasted often-ridiculed Twitter account.

They lost because we won.

On our side, many of our friends and allies felt like we’d be better off losing than winning with Mr. Trump.  I still maintain that that attitude was delusional if not outright deranged.  I still cannot believe anyone could equate the horror that would have been Her We’re-Laughing-At-The-Inevitableness following eight years of Barry The Man-Child with Donald Trump, a successful businessman, an energetic populist, and a fervent patriot.  But maybe it was the very threat he posed to the ivory tower establishment on both sides that provoked such a response.  Many more of our friends and allies convinced themselves even before the primaries were over that if we nominated Donald Trump we would lose, and lose big.  Some didn’t think we could win no matter who we put up, others believed strongly that practically anyone stood a better chance than The Don.  Even many Republicans who supported Trump and pulled for him thought we were going down, probably across the board and possibly for the last time.  Then there were those like me, and I claim no prescience beyond simple hope, who refused to believe the ridiculous claims of the press and their polls, who fought on despite all odds and all the experts telling us it was time to give up, go home, get on board before we were left behind.  As I said many times during the election, if I’m wrong to believe, then I’ll have bigger things to worry about come November 9th than a sneering “I told you so” from people whose opinion doesn’t matter to me anyway, and at least I will have had today.

We had that day.  And then we had November 9th.  It was glorious.

It’s said that the harder the fight, the sweeter the victory.  Only those of us who have had to fight for the things we love and hold dear know that feeling.  The weeping twits at the Javitz Center and throughout Hollywood only know getting their way.  Their dose of reality is long overdue.  As for us, looking back at 2016 is like looking over a job well done, a hard task completed and a mission accomplished.  We’re basking in the glow of the win, knowing there is work to be done and done soon, and looking forward to starting on the next task.  So I say with no reservation that 2016 was a good year.  A VERY good year.  And the only reason I am not sadder to see it go is that there is strong cause to believe that 2017 will be even better.

I’m going to leave off with a pair of songs from two of my alltime favorite bands (who are probably both full of communist hippies who wouldn’t appreciate me liking their music but tough bananas, I paid for albums with both these songs on them at least once).  I think they tell it pretty well.  It has been a very, very long December, but as 2016 comes to a close and passes into eternity, there’s a chance we will soon find better days.

Happy New Year folks.


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