Vladimir Putin and the knife’s edge

As part of the reprobate tenant’s attempts to trash the place before he’s evicted in a little over three weeks, Barry has decided that it’s a good idea to expel over thirty Russian diplomats and enact sanctions against Russia for “interfering in the Presidential election.”  Yes, folks, the tantrum still isn’t over.  Note of course that they do not claim that Russia “hacked” the election results, they don’t explicitly make that disclaimer but they are not braying so loudly about “hacking” the election now that their recounts have demonstrated fraud on the Democrat side if anything.  No, they are screaming themselves hoarse over “hacking” the DNC e-mails that demonstrated the kind of filthy liars the Democrats were and how the media was in full collusion with them.

Still not in any way trying to deny or disprove that the contents of the emails, the Project Veritas videos, or any other piece of “fake news” that the actual fake news is whining about.  Nope.  It’s all about unspecific “direct links” from anonymous sources claiming Vlad Putin was directly involved and Donald Trump knew about it all along.

As if that weren’t bad enough, the real depravity of this line of malarkey is made clear by a statement from a deputy White House press secretary, in which the administration said that while President Trump will be able to reverse all of this, given their supposed “evidence” it’s the current lame duck’s position that doing so “doesn’t make sense.”  So this is one final “gotcha” in every sense of the word.  If President Trump reverses this boneheaded, childish move, then the Democrats and their proven allies in the press will berate him for “enabling Russian interference in our political process” and will start screaming for his impeachment.  If he doesn’t, then he leaves us teetering on the brink of World War III–and these vile pieces of filth are okay with that.

(Side note: I’m trying to keep my language clean on here lest I run afoul of some WordPress policy but this level of grotesque bastardry is difficult to properly condemn without the use of some simple and direct profanity.  I’d like nothing more than to carpet F-bomb this S.O.B.)

Commentators including Rush Limbaugh have stated that President-elect Trump is treading softly because he knows the very delicate position the country is in right now, with these impudent retarded children still holding the levers of power and filled with a white-hot blindingly stupid rage against the administration to come and the people, who they see as the mouth-breathing inbred backwoods morons of flyover country, who voted for it.  Nothing is beyond their capability and nothing should be presumed too insane or too self-destructive for them to do.  These are people who have built their careers, their political party, their self-images, their very lives upon punishing America, and they will not think twice about burning the whole place down.  Clearly, they are not.

Which brings us to the flip side of the coin, Vladimir Putin and the Russians.  Putin’s initial response to this madness was basically to flip off and then brush off Barry’s squalling, declaring in the space of a tweet that the whole world was looking forward to this administration coming to an end, Americans most of all.  And he’s right.  Look, I know Putin is dangerous.  I know he was KGB.  I know he’s done terrible things.  But right now, as sad a statement as this is, the entire world is looking to Putin to be the bigger man–and he’s doing it.  Yes, he annexed Crimea.  When’s the last time we heard anything further about that?  Meanwhile, Barry the Man-Child is flirting with nuclear war to score cheap political points for his depraved and criminally sick party.

You tell me who’s the more dangerous.

I’ll eat these words if I have to, and I pray to God I never have reason to, but I honestly do not care what Vladimir Putin has done in the past.  I care what he does now.  And frankly if he “interfered” in our election by “hacking” Democrat emails and releasing them to the public (which WikiLeaks and others have explicitly said did NOT happen) to demonstrate the kind of corruption and cheating and lies that the Democrats were engaging in, then as far as I’m concerned he’s an American hero and we owe the Russians a huge debt of gratitude.


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