Well behaved women, chapter 11–special Merry Christmas edition

So as my Christmas gift to all my zero readers at the time of writing this I will knock it off with calling the installments of this series something different each week–it was a little silly and distracting from the point.  So, done with that.

As promised this week’s special Christmas installment of well behaved women making history just fine could not be more seasonally appropriate, because today’s honored guest is Mary, the mother of Jesus.  Now, you can spare me any of your fussing about whether this is a religious-people-only thing and any of your other she-didn’t-do-anything leftist nonsense, because it doesn’t matter if you believe it or not or think it was a good thing or not, the birth and life of Jesus Christ was the pivotal point of all of human history.  Even if he was a 100% illegitimate fraud, which he wasn’t, he was the most effective fraud of all time by orders of magnitude, and his life and followers changed the course of literally everything.  And it all was set into motion with the obedience of a simple peasant girl, who was told by an angel that something wondrous was going to happen to her.  She didn’t ask questions, she didn’t screech anything about “her body, her choice,” she just got told there was a very special, very important role for her to play and she said “I’m up for it.”  This is back during a time when an unmarried woman turning up pregnant was in for a world of trouble–at the very least her betrothed husband-to-be was likely to break it off with her and she would be forever tarred as a fallen woman, if not taken out and stoned (which was more often but not exclusively the penalty for adultery, not simple fornication).  As it was her fiancee started making plans to rid himself of her “quietly” (sounds like Joseph wasn’t interested in getting a pre-owned wife but didn’t want to make it harder on her than it had to be) until a second messenger appeared to him and told him what was going on.

So while I certainly don’t mean to elevate Mary to a position on par with Jesus Christ (sorry Catholics), she was a critical supporting player in the story of Jesus and the history of the Christian faith, which in turn set the course of the entire world’s history and the West’s development into modern civilization.  All due in no small part to Mary’s humble acceptance of this role and the burden it would place upon her.  You want a well-behaved woman who made history?  Mary says take your stupid bumper sticker and cram it up your tailpipe, and Merry Christmas while you’re at it.

Not sure what the posts will look like during the next week, but expect me back next Sunday with chapter 12, who will not be such a good example of behavior or history anyone would be proud of.


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