A few Merry Christmas thoughts…

This past weekend, Dallas Cowboys player Ezekiel Elliott celebrated a touchdown against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers by “donating” himself to the Salvation Army–he ran through the end zone and jumped into the oversized Salvation Army donation pot under the stands.  This simple act of holiday cheer was probably worth a quarter of a million dollars in advertising to the charity organization and ate up maybe 10-15 seconds of air time.

The NFL, which doesn’t say a thing about Colin Kaepernick’s retarded “protests” and relentlessly persecuted Tom Brady over nothing, immediately penalized the Cowboys fifteen yards for “unsportsmanlike conduct” and will probably fine Elliott.

Elliott replied that he’ll pay his fine and match it with a donation to the Salvation Army, and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones not only has Elliott’s back, but has vowed to take any fine he receives all the way to the Supreme Court, showboating all the way to get as much publicity for the Salvation Army out of this as he can.

I became a Cowboys fan for this.

Meanwhile, former President George W. Bush once again made his yearly visit to children’s hospitals dressed as Santa Claus (with a Secret Service detail dressed up as elves) to bring a little holiday happiness to sick and dying kids and their families–and you will not hear of it.  This is partly by design but it is a design that the drive-by media is all too happy to play along with.

Finally, I will leave you with this little bit of Christmastime joy.  Much as I have given up on Star Wars, there’s still an important special place in both my heart and geek culture for the original trilogy and its timeless characters.  Who of course shot first.  I don’t know how much I’ll be posting between here and the first of the year (I know I don’t have readers yet to disappoint but maybe one day someone will be interested in the archives), there will be an installment of Well Behaved Women on Sunday, so if I’m not back to say it again, Merry Christmas.


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