And then these brain-damaged people have the nerve to act surprised

So the Electoral College did its thing yesterday, and despite weeks of pleas from bubbleheaded celebrities, protests and riots in the streets, death threats to electors and other pervertedly sick attempts to derail the process Donald Trump lost a grand total of two GOP electors.  Gee, you people really showed him.  Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, lost FIVE of hers–one to Crazy Bernie, three to Colin Powell, and one to some Dakota pipeline protesting crone with a name that sounds like she’s half commune-dwelling hippie and half Pokemon character.  As expected, the vast majority of Republican electors told the idiots chanting “shame” at them where to get off and did, in fact, vote their consciences by voting for Donald Trump.

This was not a surprise.

What was a pleasant surprise was the fact that this prompted a renewed flow of leftist tears and impotent rage.  Michael Moore is out looking for a “Plan Q” at this juncture in a vaguely threatening manner.  The headline on AOL News claimed it was “surprising” that more electors defected from Her Supposed Inevitableness than from The Don–hmm, considering how she stole the nomination from Bernie in the first place (who was never supposed to win and knew it) I can’t fathom why anyone would decline to vote for the shrill treasonous harpy, especially knowing their vote wouldn’t matter anyway.  Even more Hillary electors TRIED to vote against her, one even attempting to cast a ballot for John Kasich (which is as stunning a repudiation of Kasich as it is of Clinton), but were stopped by their states’ laws.  Across the internet and Twitter, it’s like November 9th all over again, which means it’s like Christmas coming again in January.

I’d caution these twerps not to get their hopes up like this but I’m having too much fun watching them wail.  If they want to persist in not getting it, that’s on them, and I’ll enjoy some long-deserved hard-earned schadenfreude.  I can’t wait to see it hit the fan on January 20th when President Trump officially evicts the Obamas.


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