Well behaved women, installment ten

Before I get into this week’s less-than-illustrious historical figure, I’d like to relate a brief anecdote of something I observed this week.  I was sitting in my car in a school parking lot, and happened to notice one of these infamously stupid bumper stickers on a vehicle parked a few stalls away.  Naturally after nine iterations of why this little lefty platitude is a bunch of horsepucky, I was both amused and disgusted to witness one free in the wild.  Then I took notice of the vehicle itself, a 4×4 pickup with an attached plow.  As I sat there waiting for my business to conclude, a man in a camo jacket came out with a boy in his early teens to get into the car, then proceeded to cheerfully get out of their vehicle in sub-zero wind chills to assist a woman one stall over whose car needed a jump-start.

So some woman somewhere is making her husband drive around in a truck proclaiming her ignorance while she is at a “fulfilling” job ostensibly “making history,” while her husband and apparently her son are out there making the world work for both men and women.  Just throwin’ that out there.

Anyway, in the Christmas spirit I had considered bypassing this week’s negative example of a woman making history, but current events leave me both unable to just allow this opportunity to slip past and less than charitable towards this individual in particular.  This week’s guest of dishonor is a reprehensible piece of filth who makes the Klan look like Abraham Lincoln and who founded an organization that makes Hitler look like an amateur.  I am speaking of course of the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger.

There’s lots of information and misinformation about Ms. Sanger, most of it promulgated by revisionist feminists and other leftists who want desperately to believe their patron saint was not a horrible person.  She was.  Sanger was a radical anarchist who believed passionately in the ideas of “family limitation,” white supremacy, and eugenics.  She pioneered the “my body, my choice” line of malarkey that pro-baby murder harpies still parrot to this day in pure selfserving ignorance of science and all logical sense, and she also began the pro-death practice of trying to change the language in order to make their ideas more palatable to the general public–it was Sanger who first pushed use of the term “birth control” to describe contraceptives rather than the previous euphemism of family limitation.

It is true that in Sanger’s time her issue was contraception and not abortion per se, and let me be clear that I have no issue with contraception.  However, she was virulently anti-religious, rabidly feminist to the point of being anti-male, and on top of that a horrific racist and eugenics supporter who believed that killing a child that was born into a poor family was an act of kindness and mercy.  Her principles and the concepts that she founded Planned Parenthood on formed the basis for the abattoir’s later justifications for abortion in general (and in fact were lifted practically word-for-word from her contraception arguments to their infanticide arguments), and her emphasis on directing population control at the poor and at minorities echoes chillingly to this day considering the number of black pregnancies that end in abortion.  Sanger unabashedly called for the poor and uneducated to be bred out of existence and scoffed at their religious beliefs that might prevent them from following her advice.

And yes lefties, Sanger wrote a letter suggesting that her racist ideas be sold by collaborator black ministers to their congregations so as to put a veneer of honesty and trustworthiness over what was really a scheme to limit and eventually eliminate black reproduction.  She didn’t want word getting out that her goal was to exterminate the black population not because she was being misinterpreted by conspiracy theorists, but because she wanted to exterminate the black population, having referred to them and Jews and other groups she found undesirable as “weeds.”

For her work in propping up and enabling mass genocide, the undermining of the traditional family and the mulching of the poor, Sanger has been lauded by leftist and humanist groups both before and after her death, and continues to be praised by Democratic luminaries to this day.  She was a horrible, hateful, evil person who is responsible for more deaths by far than Adolf Hitler and rivals Josef Stalin and Mao Zedong–and her victims are the most innocent and vulnerable of all.  One day history will judge her fairly.  Until then it’s on all of us to remember the truth.

So now that I have you all good and depressed (or outraged, depending on your political leanings), tune back in next week when we look at a much happier example of a woman behaving impeccably and making history in the process.  Spoiler: it’ll have something to do with the day.


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