John Kasich, boy are we glad it’s not you

The last not-Trump man standing in the GOP primaries, John Kasich, remains governor of the state of Ohio.  I remember well how people tried and are still trying (like Texas’ faithless elector) to convince Republican voters everywhere that this weak-willed spineless spoiler of an establishment hack was our “only chance to win” once our previous “only chance[s] to win” Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio dropped out of the race.  Not Ted Cruz and most definitely not Donald Trump.  Couldn’t have Ted’s values or Trump’s bluster, nope.  Kasich all the way.

Well, the coward just demonstrated once again that he’s trying to ride in the middle of the road and the sideswiping from both sides is about to commence.  Governor Kasich signed a bill banning abortions in Ohio past 20 weeks, which is a tiny step, and at the same time vetoed a bill right there on his desk, passed and ready to fly from the Ohio legislature, that would ban abortions much sooner–the “heartbeat” bill, so named because it would ban the butchery past the point where a baby’s heartbeat can be detected, usually around week 6 to week 8.  He claimed that signing the heartbeat bill would subject Ohio to costly litigation fighting an issue which he claims (erroneously) the Supreme Court has already decided.

He’s wrong.  On everything.  The feminazis are going to come after him for daring to limit this barbaric practice to the first 20 weeks of pregnancy, the lawsuits are going to commence and they’re going to have even less to back up their arbitrary 20-week mark than they would for the heartbeat bill.  But more than that, we do not elect politicians to stand up for our beliefs only to have them back down and shrug their shoulders about the wrongheaded decisions the Supreme Court has made.  Roe v. Wade will stay on the books until it is challenged and we expect our Republican governors to take advantage of scientific advances to bring these matters back before the Court, especially now that we’re looking at holding or potentially expanding the conservative wing of the court.  And frankly there’s a strong argument under the Casey decision that the heartbeat law would be well within Ohio’s right (or the right of any state) to pass.

So if any other “real principled conservative” wants to tell me how we missed the boat by not picking Kasich, I double dare you to.  I triple dare you to do it to my face.  This worthless nobody has no business being a governor, let alone president.


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