Breaking the green monster

At present we have seen Tom Price announced as Trump’s pick to head up DHS and in so doing hold the reigns of Barrycare during its dismantling, Scott Pruitt to run (and likely eviscerate) the EPA, and the current money is on Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State.  This is awesome beyond words.  Some issues are more important than others but defeating and destroying the eco-fascists is one of the most fundamentally important goals for conservative Republicans to accomplish–and one that has seemed for a long time to lie well past our foreseeable grasp.  The left has ingrained the ideas of “climate change” and practices like recycling and terms like “sustainability” so far into our society, riding on the hook of credibility with the inherent desirability of things like clean air and water and sustainable power (which when talking about fossil fuels is like worrying about whether food has calories), that even conservatives often feel forced to pay some sort of respects to eco-nonsense rather than be smeared as a “denier.”

Scott Pruitt has already demonstrated that he is not one of those conservatives who is intimidated by the eco-freaks.  Somehow I doubt that the CEO of Big Oil (which I use as a compliment) is either.  With no filibuster available to the Democrat minority to obstruct Trump’s cabinet nominees we have a clear shot at getting the right people into place to rip the guts out of decades of wrongheaded domestic and foreign environmental policy, and it’s becoming more obvious by the day that President Trump is looking to do just that.


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