Whose fault is it anyway?

So since the election, as the left has lost its collective mind (presuming a lot I know) trying to figure out what went wrong and pointedly unable to grasp the concept of just being told “no,” they’ve been spewing out reason after reason and whine after whine about things that must have happened for such a disaster to befall the country.  The voting machines were rigged (which is rich coming from the people who mocked everyone calling for vote integrity measures before the election).  The Russians hacked us.  Fake news.  A “whitelash” (clearly not comprehending that Hillary is whiter than rice in a blizzard).  But overarching all of these bizarre theories and even the marginally more honest appraisals of the Clinton campaign is the message that someone is at fault for what these people perceive quite literally as the greatest tragedy to befall the United States since 9/11/01.

It’s not.  There’s nothing bad about what happened.  They lost and they can’t figure out how to explain it–it’s not Van Jones’ kids who he can’t figure out how to explain it to, it’s not Roger Goodell’s wife and daughter who he can’t figure out how to explain it to, it’s themselves.  All they are able to do is look on in horror as what they are thinking of as a bad Michael Bay movie unfolds in front of them–and it’s not.

So let’s get this straight people.  Donald Trump is NO ONE’S FAULT.  Assigning some kind of blame for Trump happening is just another way for the left to try to take credit and preserve their feeling that they are the ones that matter, they are the ones in charge and in the majority, and if they failed Her Inevitable Highness Hillary Clinton (peace be upon her) then it must be because THEY screwed up and did something wrong.  No.  That isn’t it at all.

Donald Trump, in his current frame of mind and existence, is a creation of the establishment GOP.  Stick with me for a minute, I’m not “blaming” them either.  Republican voters have given massive amounts of power to their party in 2010 and 2014 and in return have seen very little done.  We have been badmouthed and mocked at every turn by the Democrats and the mainstream media and our supposed leadership simply threw up their hands in surrender every time, refusing to use the power they were given with very few notable exceptions, leaving Republican voters wondering why we even bothered.  Enter Trump in the primaries.  Trump played the media like a virtuoso, and gave the GOP’s voters and the American people something to believe in–and if it hadn’t been Trump, it would have been someone else at some point, maybe not this year (though Ted Cruz or Scott Walker had similar messages while lacking Trump’s flash) but soon.  Trump just got in at a time when the majority in America had had enough of being told we can’t fight these people, but that in itself was only enough to carry him through the primaries.

In the general election, despite the media and the Democrats trying desperately to smear him as a racist, sexist, deplorable know-nothing, and despite the fury of the NeverTrump faction of the GOP insisting he was going to destroy himself and take the entire party down with him, Trump got a message across to voters of hope, prosperity, and pride, of an American vision we haven’t seen since the Reagan years, of a country in decline because of the deliberate actions of her leaders and the potential to be great again just waiting to be unfettered.  No you morons, “Make America Great Again” does NOT mean deport every last brown person and restore slavery.  I can’t believe some people are stupid enough to believe that but there it is.  Anyway.  That message, that Americans can do anything, that we are the greatest country on the planet and it’s about time we acted like it, that we will correct the mistakes of the past and learn from them, and that we WILL be great again and there isn’t anything anyone can do to stop us is what connected with millions of voters.  These are people who felt like they’d been brushed aside and told to go get old and die in some corner of flyover country, and couldn’t they hurry it up so the wild could overgrow all your quaint, backward little towns in time for the elites’ next hiking holiday?  It is not THEIR fault either.  No one is at fault when nothing wrong has been done.

So the answer to my title question is, NOBODY.  The Democrats don’t get to do their post-mortems and figure “oh if only we’d gone into Wisconsin sooner, if only James Comey had kept his mouth shut, if only we tried harder to censor fake news,” yeah, no.  This didn’t happen because she or anyone else screwed up her campaign (which admittedly would be like screwing up crossing the Atlantic ocean on a basketball backboard–there’s no way it ought to work at all in the first place and IF you pull it off there’s definitely something going on behind the scenes).  If anything it happened because they screwed up the country, but they didn’t even do that well enough to keep the people whose extinction they were celebrating just a little over a month ago from peacefully and forcefully telling these reprobates that no, we are not going into the night because you said to, and today we are cancelling the apocalypse.  WE get the credit.  THEY get told no and they can’t handle that.  There IS no blame.

It’s nobody’s fault.  Over sixty million people get to claim a piece of the credit.  The left doesn’t get to look for someone to blame for something that did not go wrong.


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