Fighting racism with racism (and why it really, really doesn’t work)

As a foreword, I hope it’s going to be clear that I’m not in any way backing or supporting Richard Spencer, or Nazis (modern or otherwise), or any kind of racists.  But I know some people will just not get it, on purpose.

So I was listening to an Andrew Klavan podcast the other day, and in response to the press and other notable liars like Howard Dean calling Stephen Bannon a Nazi and Breitbart News antisemitic, Klavan played a few sound bites from a speech recently given by an actual white supremacist, Richard Spencer.  In the speech, Spencer busts out some dumbass German terms used by actual Nazis–yeah, I get it guys, you don’t actually believe the Nazis were wrong, but cozying up to them like that for live microphones and cameras is brain-dead stupid.  Which I gotta say, I’m glad that these despicable people are that dumb–real Nazis were scary because they were on the whole incredibly smart.  He jokes about the media being soulless golems parroting stupid lines from comedians and while I know it was a joke, it’s obvious from the context, it’s still way less funny than creepy.

But other than that, he says a lot of stuff that’s…not so easy to just dismiss.  He calls the press liars.  He asserts that the left is out to eradicate white people (Lena Dunham said it outright, laughed about it even).  He says white people build and strive and do not need the other races, they need us.  He says white people don’t need to ask pardon from anyone, are not meant to live in shame and weakness, and that it’s natural for white people to overcome obstacles.  And historically, this is more or less true.  Sorry folks, we were born in cold climates where you had to live by your wits and in response we built Western Civilization because we kind of had to.  Now this guy says it’s because we’re inherenly better and no, that’s not right, we happened to be in a place that was Darwinism on steroids so the smart ones survived the winter and the idiots died off.  All Klavan can really do is call him stupid and miserable, which is disappointing when there are so many better things he could say other than just to resort to namecalling, but what Klavan gets exactly right is that political correctness does not stop these people, it FUELS them.

White people are just plain tired of being told they’re bad because they’re white.  They are tired of being lectured on human rights as Americans by moral giants like Saudi Arabia, Cuba, and Qatar.  So when someone comes along with a message like this that isn’t so much “black and brown and Jewish folks are bad and not really people” as it is “white people are awesome, we are builders and achievers and conquerors and it’s damn well time we stopped acting like we owe the world an apology for building Western Civilization” then it’s going to be attractive, at least on its face.  That sounds GOOD to people who didn’t get promotions because their skin was the wrong color, or didn’t get into a better college because they had the wrong chromosomes, or who got a ticket for not wearing a seatbelt while the guy who robbed his neighborhood convenience store didn’t get deported for entering the country illegally.

And the problem is, if ONE of these things these guys are saying sounds good, if they set that hook of legitimacy talking about a lying press and the simple fact that white people are not the root of all evil (with that little bit of embellishment in the form of praising white Europeans for things that, while factually correct, are not the result of innate superiority but rather generations of work and effort and a fair bit of screwing up along the way), then it becomes that much easier for MORE of what they have to say about “fire in the blood” and “children of the sun” to start to sound reasonable, and from there it’s just a hop, skip, and a goosestep over to “we’ve got to destroy them all before they get us!”  In the Weimar Republic, it was the rest of Europe who were out to get the German people, and this was absolutely undeniable.  That was Hitler’s hook of legitimacy.  He didn’t rise to power because the German people were a bunch of hateful murderous bastards out to ethnically cleanse the known universe, he rose to power because he gave the German people reason to believe they were NOT the scum of the Earth like the Treaty of Versailles treated them.  And as he began his conquests he couched them almost entirely in terms of protecting people like the Germans, much moreso than he talked about eradicating the races he saw as evil.

Which brings us to what is really terrifying about these people.  The Europe of the Treaty of Versailles was a paper tiger, beaten down and broken, and would have lost the first World War were it not for the intervention of the United States.  For America’s part, we got into the war largely because it suited our progressive globalist president to do so–we were trading with and supplying arms to our longtime friends in Britain and France but there was no great moral compulsion to go stop a great evil.  In theory we got mad at the Germans for offering chunks of us to Mexico if they would join up with the Central Powers, but there’s some dispute about whether the Zimmerman Note was legit.  Either way. war was just something Europe did and always had done, and the only thing different about the first World War (which was still almost entirely in Europe) as compared to previous wars was that industrial age technology outpaced battle tactics to the point where the scale of the bloodshed and the horror of the front line was unprecedented.  Hell, if all it took to bring the whole European alliance system tumbling down like dominoes was for one far-left kid to shoot one halfbaked prince then maybe the world would have been better off with a big, powerful German republic forming a bulwark against the nascent Soviet Union in Eastern Europe.  The point is there was no overarching good or evil side–not that there was anything wrong or incorrect about coming to the aid of the Allied Powers, but the Kaiser was not a monster in even the same sports league as Hitler.  The resolution to the collapse of the age-old system of alliances and mutual defense pacts in Europe was as vindictive as it was punitive, in stark contrast to the later resolution to World War II where the victorious United States proceeded to put the defeated Axis back together again.  The backlash against this harsh peace led a practical, hardworking, intelligent, decent people, the same people who gave us Protestantism, the printing press, and beer cheese, to follow, support, and commit atrocities for a real monster.

Well, political correctness and the special snowflake grievance culture are likewise an attempt to punish people who have done nothing wrong, hang crimes on them that are either not criminal or that they did not commit, and lay blame for unspeakable horrors at the feet of people who not only don’t deserve it, but who are actively making the world a better place.  Meanwhile the troglodytes who are seeking validation by blaming America, or western culture, or white privilege or whatever are directly and deliberately making the problems of the world worse.

Now, I feel the need to digress for a moment to make some things perfectly clear.  One, yes, Donald Trump’s election was fueled in part by the legitimate aspects of this backlash, the things that any reasonable, average, not-hateful person looks at and doesn’t blink about.  Two, I am 100% stake-my-life-on-it confident that this is as far as that backlash goes–for God’s sake, anyone who tries to claim Donald Trump is a flaming racist is either not doing their homework or ignoring his life prior to announcing his campaign, or just deliberately lying.  He and his people have denounced the “alt-right” bogeyman the media is trying desperately to hang around his neck (and yahoos like Richard Spencer are pitifully making it easier for the media) on numerous occasions.  And three, I’m not a goddamn racist and never have been, and I’m not ashamed of my country or my skin color.  My country and civilization are objectively the best damn thing to ever happen to the world short of Jesus Christ (obviously), and as for my skin color, it’s a footnote.  No, it does not give me magic superpowers of industry and worthiness to be white.

It is arguable and might even be provable that people of European descent might be a bit smarter on average than some other races because we lived in a harsher climate and our stupid and useless people DIED.  We ran out of land and had to figure out how to deal with that while not freezing to death.  You see something similar with Asians and lo and behold, they had to deal with colder temperatures than folks in Africa did and some of them (like Japanese and Koreans) ALSO ran out of land.  Native Americans had to cope with the cold but never ran out of land, and African folks of course got a lot more agreeable weather.  So congratulations, people of African descent, your heritage resulted in slightly higher physical prowess instead, and as a bonus you didn’t have to suffer massive attrition for generations upon generations like we did up here dying in the snow.  That’s NOT racism, that’s geography-ism.  And at this point in history, thanks to Western Civilization, any remaining average differences are steadily being narrowed and will eventually be erased, whether from mixing races or just plain cutting way back on mortality rates.  “Survival of the fittest” has become “everybody lives”–and that is awesome in a lot of ways.

So to sum up, IF white European people are marginally more intelligent on average than black Africans, they didn’t come out of a box like that, they paid for it over centuries of death and exposure and misery, and now that freezing and starving to death have become substantially less of a concern for your average civilized person that margin is shrinking if it exists at all.  That’s not thanks to white skin, that’s thanks to Western civilization.

I didn’t run through that last bit as a tangent nor to draw inevitable flames and cries of racism.  I did it to point out that this is the nugget of truth that the actual scary people like Richard Spencer have grabbed on to and will continue to use to make themselves seem like normal, rational people.  They just have to hold up the facade long enough to get people who are justifiably angry at a media-entertainment complex joined at the hip with one of the two major political parties all singing in unison that white people (especially white men) are going extinct and that’s great because they’re responsible for every last thing that’s wrong with the world.  Which does not comport with the facts right in front of these honest everyday white people who have black friends and not a racist bone in their bodies, who go to work and church and PTA meetings and do their best to make their communities better places and watch in horror and disgust while minorities and their “white allies” on the news riot and break laws and guilty white kids pour out of colleges like zombies moaning about brains (only their mumbled chant is “privilege…”).

The simple fact is there is no such thing as “reverse racism,” and not in the way the lunatic left means it.  There is just “racism,” and yes children, white people CAN be targets of it every bit as much as every other race can–or did you think “cracker” was a term of endearment?  If you lay the blame for everything you hate about the world on the shoulders of white people (and capitalism, can’t forget that one while you sip your Starbucks lattes and tweet on your iPhones on AT&T networks), guess what cupcake, you’re a racist.  And it’s not one bit better when you do it to a white person.  You won’t destroy racism through “social justice.”  You WILL empower idiots like Richard Spencer who start off telling you it’s ok and even great to be white, and then once you’re on his team he segues off into “blacks are a stain on society” or “Jews are responsible for our ills” and we’re right back where we started.

And no, for the millionth time, Donald Trump is NOT a racist.

There’s one way to beat this game and that’s not to play.  Stop fighting it.  I don’t give a good damn what your skin color is, I care how your mind works.  I care about the content of your character.  An actual racist hears you call what he does a “hate crime” and wears it as a badge of honor because he really does hate you, or he doesn’t care what you think and you can call it whatever you want.  The way to stop this nonsense is not to make everyone go to a seminar and make it illegal to call someone a nasty name based on what they look like.  You treat it like it’s a stupid reason to hurt or insult someone, learn to take it, and laugh at it.  No, don’t laugh it off when a racist white cop beats a black man or a racist Hispanic shoots a white girl, you treat the crime just the same but you don’t get anywhere lecturing these people, that just lets them know they got under your skin and they LOVE that.  You laugh at them for making such a big deal out of something so stupid.  Then you throw the damn book at them because that kind of rank stupidity is a major recidivism risk.  You don’t make holding an opinion a sentence modifier for God’s sake, you make being stupid enough to drag someone out of a truck and sling a brick into his head just because he doesn’t look like you a reason to believe that you are the kind of person whom no amount of teaching is ever going to reach, and you just need to spend some quality time in the cooler where you can’t hurt anybody.

We got two choices folks.  We can make America great again and tell the PC police and the Hitler-idolizing nitwits alike to go take a hike.  Or we can keep it up with the “I feel unsafe” boneheadedness and keep screaming at white people for being white.  This time around, the angry fed-up people listened to the man with the message of love, inclusion, law & order, prosperity, and hope.  But the guy with the message of desperation, vengeance, self-preservation, delusional self-worth, and all that pent-up restrained righteous fury just dying to get out and give these bastards what’s coming to them is warming up just offstage.  He’s never far away.  And if the left keeps it up, maybe some of the Trump revolution will hang their heads in surrender and trudge guiltily back to their place in line behind the social justice crybabies, but at least a few will inevitably get fed up with being told how awful they are and go over to the other guy, and there won’t always be enough people like me to stop them.


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