Faithless elector

Apparently one of Texas’ electors has declared he will not vote for Donald Trump because he believes Trump is “unqualified.”  This sanctimonious self-righteous jerk then proceeds to rattle off a litany of ridiculous reasons why he feels he is morally unable to vote for Trump that sound like they came right out of the NeverTrump playbook, a mixed bag of stupid things like “he uses Twitter” and media lies of various strains.  Even seeing the terrific all-star appointments Trump has announced for his cabinet picks does not seem to sway this moron, who has declared he intends to vote instead for–wait for it–John Kasich.

John Freaking Kasich.  I kid you not.

Texas, seriously, this elector needs to be replaced.  He needs to never be given the opportunity to be an elector again.  Every faithless elector needs to be blacklisted not just from ever serving in that capacity but from holding any kind of party promoted office.  This lunacy is bad enough in internet comment sections or delusional YouTube videos but this is not remotely okay for the people who have been given the honor of representing their state in the electoral college.

I know electors are getting death threats and other pressure to change their votes.  I’ll say right here and now, if any Trump elector is getting nervous because of the bullies, I’ll gladly take their place–and I’ll stand out in the middle of whatever wide-open space seems fit to give these crybabies their shot at me.  I’m sure there are plenty of others who’ll be happy to take the seats of any electors who are feeling the heat.  You guys have one job to do, so for God’s sake do it.

And seriously, if you vote Kasich you’re not just a jerk, you’re a moron.


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