Delusions and the bubble

So today I had the opportunity to listen to an opinionated blowhard and a self-important twit commiserate over the election.  Was really hilarious to listen to.  After mutually patting each other on the back for reading such sources as the New York Times, the Atlantic, and (I kid you not) the Nation (the freaking Nation) cover to cover, they had the utter lack of self-awareness to start talking about a “fact-free environment.”  Then one of them followed up with “I just try not to watch the news” while the other contemplated just going straight from work to the bar and back again.

One came up with a story about an old acquaintance who he ran into in said bar, who said he was glad they could catch up before he left.  Left for where?  Why, this twit had up and quit his job, packed up everything that wasn’t nailed down, and was headed for Amsterdam.  And this was a friend who (according to this genius) wasn’t that extreme.  A few more cackles about how Trump is surrounding himself with horrible people were all I could really take before moving along.

Seriously, I hope plenty of them relocate to Europe or better yet the Middle East where they’ll find all the tolerance they could ever imagine.  In the meantime watching these idiots still steadfastly refuse to get the message they have been sent is simply priceless.


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