That sounds familiar…

Apparently this “Thanksgiving was for thanking the Indians” nonsense has been more pervasive than I realized.  Man, am I the only person who was taught actual history in school?

In a way to answer my own question (and thankfully that answer is “no”), and to give more details than my brief diatribe yesterday, here’s a very thorough rundown of just why this is malarkey and hey, who would have guessed, socialism is too.  Gentle readers, I give you Mr. Stefan Molyneux:

Apologies for the “p” word, but if that offends your sensibilities you better buckle up.  This next video addresses the phenomenon of “what to do when your crazy conservative Trump-voting Uncle Fred talks politics over Thanksgiving.”  In general Uncle Fred’s going to ask you to pass the stuffing and is probably the “crazy” one because he’s the only one who will engage the lunatic guilty white college boy with the hipster glasses and “I’m With Her” shirt he obviously hasn’t taken off since November 8th, but remember, everyone with their heads down staring in fascination at the cranberry sauce until something happens on the football game to give everyone else a chance to escape?  They’re not quiet because they agree with you.  They’re quiet because they don’t want to deal with your nonsense and, quite frankly, it’s obvious that despite only just finishing high school by the skin of his teeth, Uncle Fred’s got this.

Anyway, what follows is not merely the proper rejoinder to such poppycock, but probably some of the greatest sheer rants ever.  WARNING: Uncle Fred might not approve of this language (but I guarantee this is lurking in the back of his mind).  Folks, behold the inimitable Gavin McInnes:


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