It appears the thing going around, among lefties in particular, is that Thanksgiving was set up as a holiday to thank the Indians for saving the Pilgrims in Plymouth colony.

Um…no.  Friendly natives did offer assistance to the Plymouth colonists but it’s crystal clear, both from William Bradford’s declaration of the first Thanksgiving feast and the later declaration of Thanksgiving as a national holiday that the “thanks” were to the Almighty.

So while we’re on the subject of the origin of Thanksgiving, here’s another history lesson the lefties missed from the Plymouth colony.  The Pilgrims were hardworking, devout folks who had already relocated from England to Holland and back again in search of religious freedom.  They were about as decent and Protestant as anyone’s ever been.  When they arrived in the New World, they decided to set up what was a textbook socialist economy, from each according to his ability, to each according to his need.  If it could work anywhere, surely it should have worked among a group dominated and led by devout Christians seeking primarily to practice their religion in peace.

In the words of Agent Smith, “it was a disaster.”  It took little time at all for human nature to sink in even with these folks and for everyone to figure that there was no point in putting any more effort in than anyone else did since all you were going to get out of it was what everyone else got.  Pretty simple.  Only problem was, this was 1620.  There was no EBT card, there was no Sam’s Club down the road, and though they were used to colder climates (they were English after all) they still faced the prospect of freezing and starving because of the colony’s collective failure to produce enough stores for the winter during the growing season.  Venezuela anyone?

No amount of fishes in the corn hills was going to fix that.

Fortunately for the colony, Governor Bradford called a halt to this nonsense and proceeded to divvy up the colony’s land into private farms.  The colonists who had formerly shared and shared alike were unleashed to grow and profit and benefit from the fruits of their labors and it worked like gangbusters.  The colony not only had enough to set themselves up for the winter, they were able to put on the original Thanksgiving feast and invite the local Indians (who sent 90 braves with their appetites to accept) to share in it.

So the next time your favorite Bernie bot tells you “socialism just hasn’t been done right by the right people,” ask them what, exactly, the Plymouth colonists (who are the only socialists in history who didn’t try to fix the problem by taking the rich capitalists or the dissenters out and shooting them) did wrong.  They’ll probably sputter a bit before telling you that they were religious bigots or something, at which point you can smile and declare victory.

Not sure when I’ll be posting next, should be back for part seven of Well Behaved Women by Sunday.  I’m sure my viewers (all, what, six of you at this point?) will be terribly disappointed.  Happy Thanksgiving.


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