Actual racists (are disgusting)

Saddam Hussein threw a party in the streets of Baghdad when Billy Jeff won.

The Black Panthers celebrated when Barry won.

The Communist Party and the father of the Pulse Nightclub shooter backed Hillary Clinton.

So when an idiot like Richard Spencer and his pals yell “Heil Trump” like a bunch of morons we’re all supposed to freak out?  For the love of Leeroy, this isn’t Germany you fools.

I’m gonna have to talk about the “alt right” sooner or later, but for the moment, the people who are being smeared as this new bogeyman are basically the people who are tired of being told that there’s something bad about being white and American, and are tired of conservative leadership not standing up to this nonsense.  Just because this position makes some fringe of the fringe wackjobs happy does not in any sense mean that the wackjobs are not an infinitesimally small minority.  These idiots are not in any way representative of conservatives, Republicans, Trump supporters, or anyone but their own dumb selves.  The Nazis were socialists for pity’s sake (it’s right in the name).



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