“Petitioning” electors

Dear Hillarybots,

Yes, I know that over four million of you have signed (some probably multiple times) a change.org petition begging the electoral college to not vote for Donald Trump and to put your wretched candidate in instead.  I hate to tell you this but we already had that petition.  We called it an election.  And way over 60 million people, way over half the country explicitly told the electors NOT to vote for Hillary Clinton.  Sorry, done deal, no do-overs.

And I don’t care how many billions of votes she supposedly won the “popular vote” by, not only is that totally irrelevant but I frankly don’t believe the media who were in the tank for her, who were provably working with her campaign, when they claim they have the final count and she’s winning by a lot.  I don’t care what these people say anymore because I know for a fact they are liars.  You want to go after “fake news,” let’s start with ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, and CNN.


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