I watched the talk given by Ben Shapiro over in the People’s Republic of Madison at UW last week, the one where twenty overgrown children crashed the party and interrupted him at thirty second intervals shouting “SAFETY!” and other such nonsense.  Shapiro and the crowd asked the protestors repeatedly to make a point, make an argument, tell them what the protestors wanted, but no, the babies shut up until Shapiro tried to talk and they’d start yelling again.  One of them who thought she was smart said “Well if you want to get rid of safe spaces then I’m free to tell you you’re all white supremacists right?”  Um… you DO realize the guy you’re shouting at is Jewish, right?  No, of course you don’t.  Then another moron (in a flippin’ CAPE) wailed (like, sounded ready to cry) at Shapiro “what are you doing to prevent [various grievance groups] from being KILLED?!”  Uh… what part of Madison are you in that there are bodies lying in the street?

It was joyous to watch their shouting drowned out by the crowd chanting “U-S-A, U-S-A!” back at them.

But really, I don’t care what these miserable slimeballs want to call me.  Call me a racist white supremacist if you want.  You’re a liar, why should I care that you want to lie about me?  Call me a sexist.  You’re a liar, why should anyone believe what you say?  Call me a bigot, call me homophobic (why the hell would I be scared of gay people?), call me Islamophobic (that’s a laugh), call me the king of all Landinia wearing a shiny hat for all I care.  You’re liars.  You have no credibility.  So I don’t care what you say.

A common misconception is that the “alt-right” (which I don’t consider myself to be, but by the mainstream media/Hillary Clinton definition I might be called that) basically consists of people who said to themselves “the left is going to call me all these horrible names anyway, so I might as well act like it.”  Which would not be good, though it would be no worse than the Democratic party and the movements it supports.  The truth is the alt-right for the most part just do not care and don’t shy away from being honest about facts and issues for fear of being decried as racists or bigots.  They understand that for this namecalling to work two things are required: it has to be untrue, and it has to be something the slandered person cares about.  Real racists will gladly tell you they are racists, they’re proud of it.  The alt-right for the most part is not–in the very deep fringes actual racists do find some common cause but it’s no more of a link than the fact that racists breathe oxygen so breathing air is racist.  Part of the reason they defy easy classification is because they refuse to accept these labels or allow them to have power over them, especially since “alt-right” is the latest media bogeyman.

But my point is not to talk about the alt-right.  Maybe some other time.  My point is to highlight the proper response to this nonsense namecalling.  You special snowflakes can call me whatever the hell you want, you’re only making yourselves look even stupider.  Not quite as stupid as when you accuse the dude with the yarmulke of being a Nazi, but still plenty stupid.


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