So it has recently come to my attention that President-elect Trump does not and never has either smoked or consumed alcohol.  Not sure if that means he ever tried any at all, but as one of the rare very few who has never done either myself, I have to say I consider this just another great reason to like him.  Especially in professional circles where negotiating over martinis and cocktail parties are considered par for the course and skills that you’re expected to master and perfect, it takes a commitment, an early commitment that you have to take seriously to decide you’re not going to do these things and then stick with it.

No, smoking and drinking are not evil or bad.  I’m not the kind of non-drinker who goes out to bars with friends to scowl at them and judge them, and somehow I doubt Donald Trump is either.  But there is most definitely a lot of pressure out there and in today’s world there are plenty of reasons to start drinking reality away.  Trump, apparently, doesn’t.

I like that.


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